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Have you ever thought of visiting a place you less heard of? Have you ever been the risk taking traveller or the comfort seeking tourist? If Rajasthan has enthralled you then it cannot get completed without paying a visit to this place named Dundlod. The havelis will take you back in time to the era when there used to be music in the air, aroma of hookah filling the senses and the sound of the dancer’s anklets creating the ambiance of a royal court. Today all that has been stolen by oblivion and only what remains is the reminiscence of time. The sands have passed through a thousand storms and the clock has ticked off in their own pace. Today Dundlod stands there, as it was, but in a different shade.

Location of Dundlod

Dundlod is located in the Shekhawati region of the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan. It lies at a distance of 7 kilometres from Nawalgarh and in the core of the Shekhawati region.

How to Reach Dundlod

Dundlod lies at a distance of 7 kilometres from Nawalgarh so reaching Dundlod by local bus or a hired cab for sight-seeing is an absolute easy task. You can hire one of the local cars and reach the place at a very affordable rate. Do carry your camera so capture some of the extremely memorable frames on the way. Dundlod can also be reached Delhi, Bikaner and Jaipur. Buses are available from all of these cities to Dundlod and it is a comfortable travel.

Flipping the history pages of Dundlod

It is great to know about a place before paying a visit there as it gives you an edge up than other tourists. You can easily travel, talk to local people, find out the tourist attractions, search for the best hotels and places of accommodation and you know from before how to plan your visit.

The Shekhawat rulers used to rule over Dundlod and this place belonged to them. In 1750 AD, the central fort of the town was built by ruler Keshari Singh, the fifth and youngest son of the ruler Sardul Singh. By his descendent Sheo Singh, many forts and other architecture were built across the place in the 19th century.

In the 19th Century the Goenka family settled in Dundlod and they have contributed immensely to the development of the place. It is evident from the magnificent fresco paintings and the decorated havelis. In 1888 Ram Chandra Goenka built the Chhatri and the adjacent well that are dedicated to Ram Dutt Goenka.

The Tourist Attractions of Dundlod

Dundlod engulfs its guests with a special feeling. The travellers who go there revisit most of the times. The place has the power to take you back in time. Here are some attractions for you that would gift to your soul the slice of Dundlod that you can never forget.

Dundlod Fort

This is also known as the Qila of Dundlod. It has that old world charm of the 17th century intact even today. Its mighty pillars and silent corridors still whisper untold stories and the nostalgia of the Rajputana valour of the Shekhawats is still very much to be witnessed. When you take a stroll there, you would feel time is coming back to you. As if the world is on a rewind mode and the breath and blood those pillars had seen are all coming alive. You might not be able to touch them but you would surely breathe them through your soul. The Diwan-e-khas has stained glass windows, antique furniture and a very rich library. The zenana quarters are on the first floor and you can get the aura of a typical royal palace the moment you enter this structure. The Goenkas gave the fort a new look and you would be noticing the famous Chhatri of Ram Dutt Goenka when at the rear end of this majestic fort. This was built in 1888 by Ram Chandra Goenka. There are various paintings that depict the various stages of the epics. In some you would find Lord Krishna playing with his maidens and in some you will be seeing the different stages of the epic Mahabharata. There are pictures of peacocks and musicians which give a hint that may be they are photographic remains of the real court that used to exist in the ancient times. There is a Satyanarayan temple built by the Goenka family and the interiors of this temple have a different kind of look. There are paintings in which you can see the British on western models of cars and cycles. There are also paintings of a bearded man holding a bird and a woman admiring herself in the mirror. These are without doubt the modern kind of paintings and therefore were installed on the walls by the Goenkas.

Badalgarh Fort

This fortress was earlier known as the Fazalgarh Fort as it was built by the ruler named Nawab Fazal Khan of Jhunjhunu who belonged to the Khayamkhani tribe.  In 1730 this fort was taken over by Sardul Singh when the Shekhawats conquered Jhunjhunu.

Horse Safari

Don’t miss out on this as this is one of the unique activities other than sight-seeing when you are in Dundlod. The Royal Equestrian and Polo Centre are led by Raghuvendra Singh.

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