Churu is a village in Rajasthan which apart from shielding the extremely blistering heat of the state, arranges dates for the shifting sand dunes of Desert of Thar as well. In case you are planning to pay a visit in the town, you should make sure about a few things. The tourism of Churu will take you to a semi-arid plan of sand which is watered only with the help of the Katli River which is there in the northwest. It is the administrative district of Bikaner district and is famous for its extremely beautiful hawelis which are made of brick and lime and are flavored with the best frescoes where were known when the haweli was built. Te town is more like a living mural which has expressed itself on the painted walls of the mansions which express the fantasies of the wealthy merchants.

Rural Attractions of Churu Village

The history of the Churu village can be felt while you walk through the cobble stone pathways which are muddy and are lined at either side by huge hawelis. You can reach the Malji-ka-Kamra by passing through the lanes of the bazaar and the bus stand which is an edifice which is trimmed with pale blue stucco and is crouched on the green pillars and looks like a replica of the wedding cake. 100 meters northwest from that, you can find the Surjamal Haweli which is more like a warehouse of uncanny arts and artifacts. It is famous for its portrait in which Christ has a Cigar and is impinging on two British ladies. Other arts include naked men fondling rabbits, which is very much strange in Rajasthan. The Balaji temple in Rajasthan dedicated to Hanumanji at Salasar is also a must visit. It is on the NH 65 in Churu. In the month of April and October, two large fairs are held and people celebrate with all their heart. Millions of people pay a visit to the fairs to offer their wishes and believe that their wishes will be granted by Lord Balaji.

The Talchhapar Sanctuary which is 95 kilometers from Churu village is also a must watch and its main attraction is the patch of grass land which has a healthy population of black bucks and has a high number of Chinkara, which is the Indian Gazelle along with the smaller mammals like desert fox. It was once a hunting ground of the Maharajas of Bikaner and later it was declared a reserved area to protect the wild animals and the birds in 1962. Memorial domes can be found in the northern part of the town.

Aath Khambh Chhatri, which is Eight Pillared Dome in English, is another must visit and is at the west of vegetable market. It is built on the cremation site of the Rajputs. The base of the dome has been buried by the windblown sand but the interiors are still intact and have European mercenary.

Shopping in Churu

You can find beautiful sand cravings in Churu which is so beautifully done that it is hard to believe it is real. Sandalwood almonds are made by the craftsmen which is wood hinged and reveals a tiny piece if deity which reveals devotion and adulation at the same time. You can find beautiful lockets, plants which reveal sandalwood gods when its cell is opened and exotic village cents. The rural attraction which can be seen in Churu is endless.

How to Reach at Churu

Half kilometer from the private bus stand, you can find the state roadways bus stand which has regular buses which are operated by RSRTC which links all the major destination of Rajasthan. You can get a private cab too from Delhi and drive for 320 kilometers to reach Churu. You can stop at places like Pilani, Bhawani and Jhunjhunu for refreshments too. The railway station is 100 meters away from the bus stand where you can find a bus which can take you wherever you want. The local communication in Churu is by the cycle rickshaws. You can also approach RTDC Information and Booking Office in Delhi for further assistance.

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