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Shree Nathji Temple Nathdwara

Location 48 kms towards the north east of Udaipur, Rajasthan
Built During the 17th century
Dedicated Lord Krishna  Shrinathji
Significance Famous pilgrimage of the Vaishnavas and Hindus

How to reach: Cabs and buses are available on regular basis in Udaipur to reach the Shree Nathji Temple.

History Of The Shree Nathji Temple

Nathdwara is a small town located in Rajasthan on the right side bank of the Banas River. The name Nathdwara means, ‘The Gate Of The Lord’. It is situated towards the north east of Udaipur at a distance of 48 km. Built in the 17th century it is better known as the ‘Haveli of Shrinathji’ and is dedicated to Lord Krishna Shrinathji.

According to legends, Lord Shrinathji’s image was enshrined in the land of Lord Krishna, that is Vrindavan, to protect it from Aurangzeb’s destructive anger. The idol was rescued from Aurangzeb’s domain by a gallant named Rana Raj Singh in 1670. While the idol was in transit, one of the chariot’s wheels got stuck deep into the mud and wouldn’t move. The priest who was escorting the idol understood that Lord had chosen that spot for himself and accordingly the Shree Nathji temple was constructed there.

The puja or worship of the deity is replaced by seva or servitude. With reverence and love, the ornaments and vestments of the idol are changed daily by the temple priests. Every day the deity has seven darshans. Accommodation is not a problem as there are dozens of dharmashalas available for pilgrims coming from different parts of the Rajasthan and outside. You can take back sweet memories by purchasing delicious prashad, paintings and ivory items from Nathdwara.

Shree Nathji Temples

The Kamal Chowk, Moti Mahal, Ratan Chowk, Dhwajaji, Sudarshan Chakraraj and Mani Kotha are places that are worth seeing at the temple besides the beautiful gardens. Women are allowed to enter exclusively from the entrance called Surajpol which then leads through Singhpol to the Kamal Chowk.

Shri Navnit Priyaji Temple

Lime mortar and stone are used for construction this temple. There is a big lake behind the temple and in front there are lush green forests. It belongs to the Pushtimargiya Sampradaya of Shri Ballabhacharya Ji. Vaishnavas and Hindus both visit this temple. Pustimarigiya is the mode of worship used. There is a big chowk, high gates, nakkarakhana, a prayer hall and open verandahs in the temple.

Architecture Of The Temple

By structure the Shree Nathji temple is very simple and made of pure marble. It is worth seeing Lord Shree Nathji’s idol. Its celestial beauty can be felt by any visitor to the temple. The image reveals the lord with a raised left hand symbolizing him lifting the Govardhana hill while the right hand curls into a fist. A large piece of black stone was used to carve the idol. Images of a parrot, two cows and peacocks, a lion and snake have been imprinted on the Lord’s idol. Out of the 500 cows looked after by the temple authorities, one of the cows is believed to be Shree Nathji’s cow. It has come from a pedigree of cows that served the Lord since many centuries.

The temple is popularly visited by tourists from Rajasthan and the rest of India. This holy pilgrimage is undertaken especially by people of the Vaishnava community. The place gets overcrowded during Janmashthami, Diwali and Holi celebrations. With great fervor and gutso, the Annakutta festival is celebrated here.

How To Reach Shree Nathji Temple

By Air

Nathwara is only 60 km away from the airport at Udaipur. From Udaipur there are taxis and buses regularly available. The city is well connected to Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Jaipur by many domestic airlines. To reach Mumbai and Delhi there are regular flights available from Udaipur as well. Taxi fare is approximately Rs.700 to Nathdwara from the airport.

By Rail

Mavli Junction is the nearest railway station to reach Shree Nathji Temple. It is located away from Udaipur City and Nathdwara Railway Station at a distance of 30 km. From Nathdwara town, the railway station is at a distance of 50 km. Trains are available on a regular basis from Mavli Junction and Udaipur City to reach Jaipur, Gwalior and Ahmedabad. Trains are also available on alternate days to get to New Delhi and Mumbai. Trains are available from Udaipur 6 days a week to reach New Delhi and Mumbai.

By Road

The state owned buses enable affordable travel to Nathdwara and neighboring cities. Public bus services also operate between Udaipur and other main cities of Rajasthan. To reach Udaipur, Volvo super deluxe buses are also available from Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Mumbai.

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