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Galtaji Temple

Galtaji Temple

Location Jaipur Agra Highway, 10 kms from Jaipur. (Near Sisodina Rani ka Bagh)
Built in 18th Century
Dedicated Lord Hanuman
Famous Natural Water Springs

Jaipur is one of the most visited destinations in India. There are many tourist attractions that make it a popular one of all. The forts, palaces, historical places, natural beauty and devotes are attracted to Jaipur in thousands every year from all around the world.

The Galtaji Temple is believed to be the ancient temple of Rajasthan. It is located in the outskirts of the city amidst the Aravalli ranges and is one of the must visit places of the Indian History. The temple is surrounded by hills, he complex has natural water springs and 7 holy water tanks called as the ‘kunds’. The Galta Kund is believed to be the holy one which never dries.


It is said that the population surrounding the temple always faced the scarcity of water. The place was once a home or ashram for a sage named Galva. He for the well being of the people and the need of water meditated for a period of 100 years to appease the god. The saint Galva spend all his lifetime in the area doing tapasya. It is said that god pleased and blessed with a stream of water which never dried. The source of the water is said to be from the cow’s mouth. Later the people in the area as a tribute to Galva built this temple. The main temple is where the sage has meditated and lived for years and there are no idols here. There are shaligrams found from the Gandaki river which are worshipped here. The shaligrams are believed to be resemblances of Lord Vishnu. This temple is build by the people with the help of Diwan Rao Kriparam. He was then a courtier of Sawai Jai Singh II.


The entire structure of this temple resembles of a huge mansion and the entrance resembles of a fort. The entire temple is built in Pink Stones and is surrounded by trees and bushes. The impressive architecture and paintings on the walls, roofs and pillars is a treat to watch. The complex is surrounded by natural springs, waterfalls and two pools for pilgrims to bath. There are two entrances for the temple; one is from the hills for the people who prefer to walk and the second one is by the road which is alongside the Sisodia Rani ka Bagh. The natural spring is a major attraction for all tourists and the water from them is accumulated in the pools. It is home to many tribes of monkeys that reside here. The peaceful and eye catching ambience and the religious hymns and chants make it a religious and holy place to visit for all.

Around The Temple

The temple has various small temples that are located in the close proximity to the Galtaji. They are

  • Sita Ram Temple
  • Krishna Temple
  • Balaji Temple

Apart from these, there is a temple in the premises which is dedicated to Lord Sun. This temple is located on the hilltop. The picturesque view of the city is seen from this temple. The Hanuman Temple which is located in the area attracts a lot of monkeys. These monkeys live here and dip in the water accumulated in the kunds.

Each of these temples in the complex are no less than that of a palace or a mansion. These temples not only give you a spiritual experience but the natural beauty and the picturesque locales give a mesmerizing experience to all devotees and visitors. Another visit to the Sisodia Rani ka Bagh can be a treat to the eyes as it is a magnificent palace and a garden reminds us of the royal legacy of Rajasthan.  These places are indeed a must visit places for all nature lovers and photographers.

Best Time to Visit

Thousands of pilgrims from all around the world visit this temple in the month of mid January. It is the time when Makar Sankranti is celebrated everywhere in India. It is auspicious to bath in the water of Galtaji temple. There are no visiting hours to visit this temple as it is open on all days from sunrise to sunset. The breathtaking view of all monkeys flocking towards the water ponds and dipping in it is an attraction to all. It is best advised to keep all the eatables behind due to the notorious flock of monkeys always wandering in the temple area.

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