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Osian Temples

Osian Temples (Jodhpur)

Location Near Jodhpur City, in Rajasthan State
Built in During the 8th and 12th century 
Dedicated Lord Mahavira, Lord Harihara (a union of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva)
Significance Famous pilgrimage of the Hindus and Jains

How to reach: Buses and taxis are easily available in Rajasthan to visit the Osian Temples. Tongas and auto rickshaws are the local means of transportation in Jodhpur.

The Osian Temples are located in Osian in Rajasthan. Osian is an ancient city located in the northwest region at a distance of 65 kms from Jodhpur. It is now lying in ruins in Rajasthan. Construction and design of the Osian temples is truly spectacular. All the Osian Temples are well known and visited by thousands of tourists each year. Many of the temples are not intact now as they have not been able to stand the test of time.

Jodhpur was an important center for trading from the eighth to the twelfth century. In the Rajasthan Desert it lies like an oasis. Temples here are very artistic and the architecture is breathtaking. This is one main reason for tourists visiting Jodhpur.

Osian is located at a diversion off the Jodhpur-Bikaner main highway. As you drive across Osian you can get to see little hamlets, a terrain that is undulating and beyond that, long stretches of deserts. The Brahmin and Jain temples are carved out of stone.

Osian is an important pilgrimage destination for Hindus and Jains. During the medieval period it was a large, prosperous city and was influenced strongly by Brahminical culture. Later on Jainism too began flourishing. Osian was ruled by the Gurjara Parithara Dynasty. It was better known as Ukeshpur during the ancient period.

Some of the main Osian Temples in Jodhpur City, Rajasthan are.

Sachiya Mata Temple

Large arches have to be traversed to reach the sanctum of the Sachiya Mata Temple which was built in 1178 AD. Intricate carvings have been done at the temple. Within the complex there are two more temples, the Amba Mata Mandir and Chandi Ka Mandir. It is the beauty of the Sachiya Mata temple that attracts a lot of tourists to Jodhpur.

Mahavir Temple

The last Jain prophets have been dedicated to in the Mahavir Temple. Besides the Jains, many people from other communities also visit it for its interesting history. Origins of this main temple date back to 783 AD. On the exterior extraordinary carvings have been done. Balconied windows, mandapas or ornate pillars comprise this structure made from sandstone.

Vishnu And The Pippala Devi Temples

Great devotion and workmanship are also presented by the Vishnu and the Pippala Devi Temples. As you visit the temples you get to read many of the meaningful and interesting stories along with the beautiful carvings displayed. Visual presentation and contextualization can be best understood with the help of a guide.

Surya Temple

The Surya Temple is an important temple amongst the Osian Temples, dedicated to the Sun God. Statues of Durga and Ganesh are housed in the inner complex.

Architecture Of The Temples

The three Harihara Temples are situated in Osian’s southern region. They are dedicated to Lord Harihara and built on huge plinths. Construction of two of the temples took place in the 8th century. The third temple was constructed in the in 9th century. As compared to the rest of the Osian temples, advanced and unique architecture is used in their architecture. Radha and Lord Krishna sculptures are displayed in dancing postures on the walls. There are four shrines surrounding the Harihara Temple’s central shrine which stands on a terrace. Together, these shrines are termed as Panchavatan.

How To Reach Osian Temples

The travel to the Osian Temples is quite accessible and easy.

By Air

The city centre is 5 km away from Jodhpur Airport. The city is well connected by flight services that link it with the other cities in and around Rajasthan on a regular basis. One can make the most of daily flights available to Jaipur, Delhi, Udaipur and Mumbai.

By Rail

The railway system is excellent in Jodhpur City. One can take a train to Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai very easily. To visit this city filled with royal splendor, one of the best ways is to take the train called ‘Palace on Wheels’.

By Road

Road travel is a very convenient mode of transportation to reach Jodhpur. The main highway between Jaisalmer and Jodhpur runs via Pokharan and Agoli. You can take a bus via the highway to visit Udaipur, Agra, Jaisalmer, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Ajmer, Delhi and other places. At the main railway station is a taxi stand. Since the old city has many narrow lanes, an auto rickshaw is the most preferred transportation mode. A bicycle can also be used to explore this beautiful city.

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