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Majorly flying on the aroma of vegetarian dishes, The cuisine of Rajasthan is filled with dishes that leave you on a culinary high. The delight and taste of the food of the state is characterized by the excessive use of spices.Another major element in the Rajasthani cuisine is the generous use of Ghee. The spices in its curries and the customary sweets along every meal make the cuisine of Rajasthan distinct and delightful.

Another huge element in the meals of its cuisine are the excessive use of sweets across the state. As against the usual custom of eating desserts, Sweets in Rajasthan are ate before, after and even during the meal hence the concept of dessert is nonexistent in Rajasthan. Rajasthanis use food as a method of showing their unmatchable hospitality towards their guests. They food is served with love and the concept of self service is a taboo in Rajasthan as its considered discourteous according to the Rajasthani culture.

The desert and its harsh climate have a direct impact on every sphere of the Rajasthani life including its culinary tradition.  The desert makes water extremely scant which has a direct impact on their culinary tastes. Several ingredients including Butter Milk, Butter and Milk are often the chief elements in a meal and substitute water.

" gatte ki sabzi " and " pakodi " are some of the most famous dishes cooked in Rajasthan and mainly are based on Gram Flour. Papad ( Chips) in Rajasthan are usually cooked when lentils are dried in sun.  Another major part of the cuisine of Rajasthan are its different chutneys ( Sauces ) which use a generous amount of mint, Coriander and even turmeric.

Dal bati churma without any doubt remains to the most famous dish of the western state.  People who wish to seek a large range and variety, Rajasthan is the best place to be. A voyage across the state would reveal that each region offers something unique culinary experience.Sweets too differ from one region to another and some of the famous dishes are Jodhpur’s Mawa Kachori, Bikaneri Rasgolla, Puskar’s Mal puas and the Ghevars from the capital city of Jaipur etc.

The taste that Rajasthan boasts of has been a result of interactions with the culinary traditions of the states that surround it like Gujrat, Punjab, Sindh and Haryana. Also, The Royalty or the Rajputs and the essence of the trading Marwari Community have had a huge impact in shaping up Rajasthan’s culture.

The Rajput Refection

Although the cuisine of Rajasthan is marred by the harshness and less fertility of the desert, The cuisine of Rajasthan manages to stand out with its exceptional variety and the uniqueness that is distinct from everywhere else.  The people of Rajasthan realize the scarcity of water and hence have resorted to use buttermilk and milk instead in their dishes. Alternatively,The community of Marwaris have also resorted to use Gram Flour or Besan which substitutes the shortage of green vegetables.  The Kadhi and Gatte ki sabzi are some of the standout dishes in the culinary culture of Rajasthan. One more striking dish is the traditional kair sangri, which is tempered with the tangy pickle of mango. This is traditional dish that is cooked by dried wild leaves that render an aromatic touch to ones taste buds. The dishes relity on seeds which are put to soak water overnight, Later the same thing is fried after it is boiled, to cook a delectable dish, It is later tempered with the spices like the turmeric powder, red chillies, shredded dried mango, coriander, Cumin seeds and the most basic element : Salt.

The most striking dish of the Marwaris, The dal-bati-churma, is the supreme illustration of how the communities have managed to survive and adapt the harshness of the desert and at the same time have made the best of the same. Spheres of complete dough of wheat are put on bake on a fire of coaland are later submerged in Ghee which constitutes the Bati. It is later served with a spicy pulse curry called Dal.  More of the batis are crumbled with nuts and sugar to make a delicious sweet dish, churma. Another delicacy in Rajasthan that is a must eat for the tourists is the chakki ra saag of the Marwaris, which in spite of boasting itself as saag. Instead it has the flour of wheat which is knead to form a malleable dough .

Rajput cooking is always magnificently wealthy in the preparation of non veg dishes that include both red meat and white meat. The chicken comes under the banner of Safed maas which is a speciality in the state of Rajasthan. The delightful taste of this dishes owes its aroma to the valuable ingredients like ginger, onion, garlic paste, pepper, salt , cardamom and cashew nut paste.

Confectionary on the Dunes

The sweetness of Rajasthan has not been as yet classified as ‘dessert’, Unlike their counterparts in other cultures, The sweet meats in the desert like state are savored before, after and even during the meal.

The Almond Fudge which is called the Badam ki Barfi . Its made with a delicate mixture of Ghee, Milk, Sugar and Almond. Another delicacy from the Rajasthani Kitchen, Ghewar basically is served with wheat flour that are further sweetened with generous amount of Sugar Syrup. Known for its unmatchable aroma and extraordinary delicacy, The Ghewar is also served with paneer, mawa and desi ghee.  One famous variety of The Ghewar is that of Paneer. The ghewar is often served with the delicate layer of rose petal and sweetness.  The city of Bikaner also contributes with the Bhuji and the classical Rasgollas which is filled by the tourists who take it back in huge quantities.

The Real Essence of Rajasthan Food

The real essence Of Rajasthan and its culinary culture lies in the very basis of their existence. Villages, Colored with pride and glory spreading their large plates around you which is served with exotic hospitality and food.The traditional eatables are served with utmost love to your own seat. Chowkidhani in the heart of Rajasthan which renders the same regality to its people. The best time to visit the same is during the night time which makes it lit and replicates the colorful village scenario of Rajasthan. Other than the brilliance of food that is served, Tourist also indulge in the colorful dances and performances that highlight the essence of the Rajasthani cuisine.

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