The sweetness of Rajasthan has not been as yet classified as ‘dessert’, Unlike their counterparts in other cultures, The sweet meats in the desert like state are savored before, after and even during the meal.

  • Gujia
  • Churma
  • Seero (Hindi: Halwa)
  • Ghevar
  • Imarti
  • Feeni
  • Balusahi
  • Besan Chakki
  • DilKhushaal
  • Palang Torh
  • Jhajariya
  • Kadka
  • Milk-Cake (Alwar ka Mawa)
  • Makkhan-bada

Mishri Mawa often referred to as Kalakand – Kalakand is famed all across the nation and particularly in Rajasthan. It is basically is a milk based sweet where Milk is sweetened, Solidified and later treated with cottage cheese to achieve this delightful treat. The delicacy borrows its name from its birthplace and hence is often called the Alwar Kalakand. Such is the audacity of its aroma and its love in Rajasthan than even a bustling street in Alwar owes its name to this sweet.

Besan Ki Chakki

Besan ki Chakki or the Dilkushar is another heavenly sweet dish prepared from Gram flour which is one of the eminent element in the flourishing Rajasthani cuisine and is used in several dishes including gatta ki sabji, Khatta, pakodi, et cetra. Also called as Mohanthal, Its is something that Rajasthanis usually savor on weddings and other festive occasion.

Dal Bati Churma

As the name suggests, This dish is an amalgamation of 3 ingredients namely lentils or Dal, baked wheat balls or bati and finally a sweet cereal powder known as Choorma. The dish is also special as it takes longer than usual dishes because of its unique preparation style which involves cooking all three dishes separately.  Having said that, Rajasthan is so fond of this delicacy that they never fail to drool in its taste, particularly during weddings ceremonies and religious celebrations.

Moong Dal ka Halwa

Another famous dish in the royal state of Rajasthan is the Moong Ka Halwa which is made by a special preparation of lentils. Dashed with a generous amount of Ghee and Sugar, This sweet meat is specially cooked during the freeze of winters as it is believed to ward off the chill.  The dish is not only restricted to Rajasthan, Instead, Its popularity leakes out to several other states and cultures as well.

Sweet Dish of Ajmer- Sohan Halwa

Rajasthan and its vivacity can be estimated through the fact that every region have their own sweet dish. The holy city of Ajmer contributes its sweetness through the delicious and calorie laden Sohan Halwa. Rajasthanis beat other Indians at eating sweets as the formers eat them with other essentials of a meal. Like in any other Rajasthani sweet, This one too is filled with legumes, pulses, dairy products and several other ingredients that are blended together to get this unique taste. Ghee is another strong element in these dishes.

Rajasthan’s popular invention: The Ghewar- Another delicacy from the Rajasthani Kitchen, Ghewar basically is served with wheat flour that are further sweetened with generous amount of Sugar Syrup. Known for its unmatchable aroma and extraordinary delicacy, The Ghewar is also served with paneer, mawa and desi ghee.  One famous variety of The Ghewar is that of Paneer. Usually cooked with a heavy garnish of the same, The Paneer Ghewar is often cooked for Makar Sankranti during the month of January; Gangaur lets you savor it in April and later during Teej in July.


A luscious Sweet meat- A characteristic of Rajasthan and its culinary delight is its vivacious culture of sweets. From basic preparations to extensive and detailed dishes, Rajasthan has everything.

Rabid though is a rather humble dish and is made when Milk is boiled down to a small delightful piece which is furthered sweetened and garnished with dry fruits and served. The culture of its colorful spices further gives rise to a distinguishable cuisine which includes pyaz ki kachori , Mirchi bada that are a delicacy of the city of Jodhpur, Puhkar contributes with its Mal Puas, Whereas Bikaner is famous for their papad ,rasogullas and bhujia.

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