Rajasthan Transport Corporation

The Rajasthan Transport Corporation was established on October 1st, 1964. The establishment of this department turned out to be new era for transportation in Rajasthan. The establishment of this corporation was under Road Transport Act of 1950. The main objective of the Rajasthan Transport Corporation was to provide efficient, comfortable, affordable and punctual public transport services to the people of Rajasthan. It made its debut by establishing 8 depots throughout the state which served about 421 buses. The buses traveled 45000 kilometers and carried 29000 passengers on a daily basis. This number has increased as the years have passed by. Now Rajasthan Transport Corporation has 46 depots throughout the state which provide 4500 buses carrying 9 lakh passengers over a distance a 16 lakh kilometer daily.

RSRTC is a dedicated corporation which works very hard to provide great transportation services for the public.

Buses & Services

RSRTC has different type of buses running in the state of Rajasthan. You will find ordinary, deluxe, express, AC sleeper, AC, AG Gandhi Rath, Volvo Pantry, Volvo Mercedes, Volvo LCD, Vovlo LCD Pantry type of RSRTCS buses in the state of Rajasthan. They serve all categories of passengers.

RSRTC also provides buses to eleven nearby states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Gujrat, Uttarkhand, Maharashtra, Jammu Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh and Delhi. The buses available on interstate routes are generally Express, Deluxe, AG Sleeper, AC or Volvo type. RSRTC is also trying its very best to evolve its bus services to remote parts of Rajasthan. In the past few years transportation has been developed for many isolated villages in Rajasthan.

Because of the vastness of the state and the huge transportation system RSRTC uses various automated systems like e governance system, ITMS or Integrated Transport Management System and EITM or Electronic Ticket Issuing Machine to manage all its work.

Some important modules of the new automated RSRTC system are as follows:

  • State-Wide Online Reservation System (ORS)
  • Integration of Existing Electronic Ticket Issuing Machine (ETIM) with ORS
  • Online Management Information System (MIS)
  • Vehicle Scheduling and Dispatch System
  • Vehicle Tracking and Passenger Information System
  • Accounts Computerization through TALLY

The Main Objectives

  • Their major goal is provide a modern and automated ticket reservation system for passengers.
  • To facilitate the “Anyplace to anyplace” reservation system to passengers. You can book your tickets in advance to any place from any reservation booth in the state. It might not be same as the source or destination.
  • Information like bus departure time and expected arrival time is also availed to the passengers by RSRTC.
  • To provide comfortable travel options to the citizens of Rajasthan.

They also focus on keeping the buses clean, ensuring safety to female passengers, disciplined behavior of passengers, punctuality of the buses, accident free and safe transportation option, etc. The toll free number for RSRTC is 1800-2000-103. You can contact them to clear any number of queries you want. You can also visit their website for further information: www.rsrtc.rajasthan.gov. They are fully committed towards serving the passengers.


Considerable concession on fare is given to physically disabled people, widows, freedom fighters and their families, patriots, etc.

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