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Cinema is the unrivalled winner in the entertainment scenario anywhere in India and Rajasthan is no exception. Hindi films made in Bollywood stand first in the popularity list followed by regional films. Hollywood films are seen by a small percentage only in the cities.

The stand-alone theaters in Rajasthan have largely made way to multiplexes where there are more than one screen showing multiple movies in small viewing halls. The new multiplexes in most cities of Rajasthan are plush modern and offer a comfortable and highly professional movie viewing experience with highly advanced acoustics and digital imagery. Love for cinema and its importance as a medium of entertainment is no less in Rajasthan as is evident from the many cinema halls and multiplexes that are found even in small towns and cities of the state.

There are multiplexes in Kota and Bikaner , not to mention bigger cities such as Udaipur, Ajmer etc. With the coming of multiplexes, the long queues for tickets of newly released movies have vanished as the movie is available for viewing in many small theaters in multiplexes at the same time. Multiplexes also are together with malls and together they attract the local populace for their weekly dose of fun and entertainment.

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Best Time To Visit Rajasthan 1
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Best Time To Visit Rajasthan 1
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