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Anant Art Gallery

Anant Art Gallery is the place to head to if you are in New Delhi and a lover of contemporary visual art. The exhibitions held here explore modern themes created by artists who have a lateral approach to arts and crafts. The gallery also showcases works of well-established and renowned Indian artists.


Anant Art Gallery is located off Shamnath Marg, Lado Sarai in the heart of the capital.  The gallery known as the one of the most vibrant art spaces in New Delhi is a popular destination for art lovers and the art viewing community. You can discover a wide range of innovatively created and highly valuable works of art encompassing different themes.

A Wide Range of Art Displays

Art lovers are sure to appreciate and the amazing visual expressions that come through the various displays put up here by budding as well as established artists. The exhibition catalogues of the gallery are by itself a wonderful representation of the innovativeness of Indian artists, both modern and contemporary.

The Anant Art Gallery opened a branch in a prime location in Kolkata in 2005. This was done to broaden their activities and provide artists from other states the opportunity to present their creations to a wider audience. Anant Art Gallery is also into presenting and curating artwork and has been doing it with a remarkable degree of success for over three years now. Besides paintings and other forms of art, the gallery also encourages creative photographers and has been holding exhibitions of photographs. The art gallery is also known for promoting younger artists with high levels of creativity.

Bringing Works of Various Artists Under One Roof

Anant Art Gallery is popular among art lovers of Delhi and from all over the country because this is one place where they can view works of the top and globally recognized artists as well as newcomers, all under one roof.  The administrators are committed to promoting and showcasing contemporary Indian art as well as fresh artistic ideas so that art lovers can have the best of both worlds.

The gallery believes in the motto that Art is a great unifier which makes use of diverse ideas to bring various elements of the society together. This is amply reflected in the theme and the context of paintings and other works of art that are on display here right through the year.

Information for Visitors

Anant Art Gallery is open to visitors from 1100 Hrs to 1900 Hrs on all days except Sundays. Entry to the gallery is free. Art lovers interested in buying the works of artists can make payments using Visa or MasterCard.

How to Reach

Anant Art Gallery is situated near the Defense Colony and can be reached either by state transport buses, cabs or autos from any part of New Delhi. The nearest Metro station is Kashmere Gate.

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