The International Trade Fair

This is the biggest fair conducted in Delhi. The venue is always Pragati Maidan and the timing of this annual fair is from 14th to 27th November. This is a platform where Indian and international businessmen and traders meet and discuss on various important matters. This is a huge tourist attraction in Delhi and every year, millions of people throng to this fair, thereby contributing handsomely towards the revenue of the Tourism Department of the national capital.

Pragati Maidan

This is the biggest and prestigious venues in Delhi for hosting some highly significant fairs. Apart from the famous IITF, Pragati Maidan is also the venue for annual Leather Fairs and Auto Expos. The place is booked throughout the year by organisers for different kinds of exhibitions. If you are movie buff, you should visit the Shakuntalam theatre in Pragati Maidan.

The peak time for fairs here are from September to November. Delhi Haat fair is a must visit for handicraft lovers, whereas the Business fair conducted in Pragati Maidan is attended by all the business tycoons in India and abroad. As the festival of Diwali nears every year, Diwali fairs are also hosted here and they are huge hits among the general public.

Suraj Kund Crafts Mela

If you are a lover of handicrafts, antique jewellery and other hand-made items by the local artisans and craftsmen, you should visit the Suraj Kund Crafts Mela held in the village of Suraj Kund , located at about 8km from Delhi. This place proves to be the perfect platform for local artisans to market their goods and make a good living out of sales. Apart from being exposed to some of the most exquisite handicraft items, tourists coming to the fair can also witness state-based themes, puppet shows and fashion shows.


This is a festival that should not be missed by music lovers as this is the place where some of the bigwigs of Hindustani Classical and Carnatic Classical music industry perform and entertain guests.

New Delhi World Book Fair

The New Delhi World Book Fair is the initiative of the National Book Trust of India (NBT). This is the most ancient book fair in India as the first fair was conducted from 18th Mar to 4th April during 1972. Ever since this fair was thrown open to the general public by the then President, VV Giri, the book fair has come a long way. Close to 200 people attended the first fair that was conducted in a space of just 6790sq.m at Pragati Maidan. This book fair not only encourages reading but also plays a major role in the publishing business of nearby countries. In a big to encourage children to read more, the NCCL (National Centre for Children’s Literature) showcases a wide range of kids’ books here and also conducts a reading club for the kids.

English publications value Indian market a lot as it has the third largest customer base from here.  Close to 90,000 books in 18 languages are published

by at least 12000 publishers in a year. During 2006, this book fair was held on a sprawling space of 38000sq.m and witnessed publications from 1294 houses. It was reported that the number of Indian and foreign people who came to this fair was easily close to 1 million.

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