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Chawla Art Gallery

Chawla Art Gallery is one of the leading names in art circles. Artists in India started displaying their artworks with rejuvenated vigor after India’s independence. A new era heralded in presentation of artworks. Many promising artists started making their impressions in the field of arts. Dr. D. V. Chawla was always an art connoisseur. He also possessed business acumen. The right blend of art and business culminated in setting up of Chawla Art Gallery in New Delhi. He has evolved alongside the dynamics of Indian and global art. Second half of the twentieth century saw many changes in the field of art. Fresh new ideas, techniques and presentations made the field very happening and vibrant. The zest of a new generation of artists started looking for wider avenues. A movement started slowly to give wider space and opportunities to new set of artists. Academicians, patrons, and researchers happily joined this movement. Chawla Art Gallery can be seen as a product of such movement.


Chawla Art Gallery, as an institution has proved to be a pioneer in the field of arts.  Dr. Chawla started interaction between artists and art lovers in the year 1967. His initiatives saw many artists getting due recognition for their creations. Ms. Shibani Chawla complemented the initiative and took Chawla Art Gallery to greater heights in terms of art lover’s response. The rich collection at the gallery is proof to the efforts of guiding hands. Most art connoisseurs make it a point to visit the gallery to witness new experiments in the field of art. Chawla Art Gallery is seen to experiment new ideas to encourage all stakeholders for promoting Indian art.


Chawla Art Gallery has artworks from diverse streams of painters and artists. One can find works of old veterans like F. N. Souza, Ganesh Pyne, and M. F. Husain. There are works of many new artists,  on display at the venue. The collection is very rich and showcases the diversities in the representation of contemporary art. Various activities like art fairs and special exhibitions are regularly undertaken to satiate the finer needs of human cultures. Chawla art Gallery has found mention in various media reports, highlighting the opulent cultural heritage of Indian panorama. The gallery has won laurels for its contribution towards promoting art. The vibrant treasure of Indian artworks is always available at the gallery. The collection includes paintings and other forms of artworks and is growing steadily day by day. The gallery’s portfolio would give equitable space to the established names and also to the budding talent.

Aims and Objectives

The principal aims and objectives of Chawla Art Gallery are as follows.

  • To promote Indian contemporary artists
  • To encourage upcoming talent
  • To bring together diverse flows in arts
  • To offer space for everybody in the field of art
  • To catalogue and document works of art
  • To strike a balance in artworks of the masters and the promising ones

Location & Timing

Chawla Art Gallery is located at Ground Floor of Square One Mall at C – 2, Saket Place in New Delhi.

How to Reach

Saket Place can be reached with ease through all modes of transport in New Delhi. All options of road transport, including taxi, bus or rickshaw are available for benefit of visitors. Saket Metro Station also caters to the need of those, who wish to use the rail facility.

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