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Nightlife In Delhi

Though cities of Goa and Mumbai boast of their nightlife, yet the one is Delhi is also not less. It has its own charm and can be considered as rocking and happening. Now when the city is considered as travel hub and has developed over the last few years, its nightlife has also attained much prominence. Just rejuvenate yourself by allowing a dancer in you to come out as soon as you sip in the cocktails at the parties in some full of life and rocking night clubs which have their own aura.

If you have been spending the entire day in sightseeing then probably you might be low in energy. But you need to bring out the energy inside you for experiencing the nightlife of the city. Gulp down some vodka shots, get in hotel room, play the music and dance to the tunes. The nightlife of Delhi has swelled many times and it is time for you embrace this at least once in your life. Just step out of your hotel room and make your night memorable. The dazzling dance clubs and bustling bars invite a rocking retreat for you to end your day perfectly. Just decide and gather your energy.

Delhi has now days progressed in terms of its nightlife and this might impose threat to nightlife of Mumbai. But even then the people of Delhi feel that the nightlife of this city must be made more happening. Owing to this the people here bang their heads with music no matter what the occasion is. They pour cocktails and mocktails down their throat and tap their feet to dance tunes. The licensing laws of Delhi are relaxed, encouraging people to drink in bars or home and enjoy themselves.

These memories can be elevated if some snacks are served along with beverages like mouthwatering kebabs. Visit the beautiful Mediterranean restaurant – Shalom and you shall be wished with cool breeze which stamps that the place is best for you. No matter it is inspired cuisines, beverages, enchanting aroma, lounge music, handsome craftsmanship, burnt wood furnishings or hand plastered interiors, or chilled Martine with kebab this place makes the nightlife perfect.

Famous Discotheques in Delhi

Capitol - Ashoka Hotel, Chanakyapuri
Highlights – Two Dancing Floors, Flamboyant Bar Tenders, Hip Dj's
Timings – 8 pm to 1 am

Cj's – Le Meridien
Highlights – Ladies Night on Tuesday and Thursday
Timings – 10 pm to 2 am

Djinns – Hyatt Regency, Bhikaji Cama Place
Highlights – Has Live Brands Each Night
Timings – 6 pm to Midnight

My Kind of Place – Taj Palace Hotel, Sardar Patel Marg
Highlights –Biggest Dance Floor in the City
Timings – 9.30 pm. to 12.30 am

Evening Theatres in Delhi

Each area in Delhi has a theater which hosts classical and cultural shows. These theaters are – Movie theaters and Shri Ram Center for Performing Arts located on Safdar Hasmi Road.

Rocking Fists in the Air

Do you want some rocking music? Allow your head to band along the vibrating music at popular THE MEZZ, located in New Friend’s Colony’s community center. Here the DJ is outstanding. One can enjoy playing pool along with chilled beer. Just step out and you would witness numerous tempting dishes before you. Never miss the well-known Shawarma – which is prepared by AL Bake. This is a Lebanese dish which is sure to add a special flavor in your plate. One of your evening must be spent at Djinns, the island in Bar of Hyatt which serves plethora of beverages in terms of mock tails and cocktails. The most remarkable show kitchen boasts itself on serving some Lebanese and Mediterranean dishes like drilled meat and Shwarma. The tempting fusion price includes many gems of contemporary invention like grilled tuna fish which is served with chicken tikka, onion kulcha rolled in feta cheese and naan and olives. These dishes are sure to twist your tongue with their relishing tastes.

Tips to Remember

Even though the city has licensing laws which are liberal, the discos and bars charge high if located in five star hotels. The legal age to enter these places are 21, though these places allow only the members to enter. At times they allow the hotel guests to visit on special occasions. The clients of these bars and discos are generally youth and high socialites that boasts of their social status and money. There is a dress code for these places which generally means that you need to wear some expensive brand name. However in India there is slight flexibility to this. There are many places in India where you can take pleasure of the nightlight despite the materialistic paranoia. Just step in, relax, feel rejuvenated and allow the opulence, colors, and music to rule your mind.

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