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Art Pilgrim Gallery

Art Pilgrim is one of the best organized and highly reputed art galleries in Delhi. Visitors can view works of some of the most popular names in contemporary art in India. They also provide a platform for new and upcoming artists to showcase their creative work.

Location and History

Art Pilgrim is located in Gurgaon, Naharpur and is easily one of the most-visited art places. It was founded by an avid art collector, Geeta Singh in 1999 and is committed to promoting the creative works of the best artists in India while helping promote those who have not yet arrived on the big stage but have the potential to be there. Art Pilgrim Gallery not only promotes arts and artists but also helps buyers with high quality professional guidance.

Visitors to the gallery will be able to see a broad collection of works, not only from the most reputed and top names in the art world but also from young and upcoming artists. The gallery has, over the years managed to create a distinct style of its own and has its own identity when compared to other art galleries in New Delhi. The art gallery is known for its high quality exhibits and has been organizing shows and events revolving arts and crafts for many years now.

Art Pilgrim also has had an international presence with shows being organized at key art centers in London such as Fact and Fiction, Gallery SW1, and Indian Images.

Art Pilgrim is now located in Gurgaon and continues to organize and hold exhibitions and workshops aimed at introducing high quality art work to art lovers. The gallery promotes works of both established names and novices as well from the Indian art scene. The exhibits are chosen not only for their qualitative superiority and creativity but also for the diversity they project of our arts and crafts. This approach and commitment to promoting Indian contemporary art has helped Art Pilgrim become a leading destination, not only for the artists but also for the art lovers and connoisseurs.

Entry Fees

Entry to the Art Pilgrim Gallery is free.

How to Reach

Art Pilgrim Gallery can be reached by state transport buses, taxis and other private vehicles.

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