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Bhatia Art Gallery

The concept of Art Gallery has always received warm response from Indian connoisseurs of fine arts. All active players, engaged in the mission of promoting contemporary and modern forms of art, have achieved success in providing right forum for artists. The National Capital Region (NCR) of India is proactive in providing friendly encouragement to these forms of arts. Bhatia Art Gallery has its own set of achievements in fulfilling finer needs of artists. Promotion of new artists and exposure of Indian audience to international artworks is a landmark goal, successfully achieved by Bhatia Art Gallery. The Gallery has a treasure of artworks. These vibrant exhibits are shining examples of articulation of Indian and International influences on the arts. The dynamism found in various effects offer valuable insight in the universal cultural cauldron. Some of the best artworks are on display at the Bhatia Art Gallery. Budding artists and art lovers find this place very encouraging for the development of new concepts in art.


The creation of the Bhatia Art Gallery is a phenomenon of the twentieth century. Indian arts have seen a great transformation in the second half of the twentieth century. Artists in India felt a fresh breeze in thinking and articulation of their thoughts. New generation artists in post-independent India felt the need to have wider avenues for presenting their works of art. Bhatia Art Gallery has provided encouragement to Artists, students, researchers, academicians, and patrons.

Aims and Objectives

To promote new artists and their works

  • To familiarize Indians with International artworks
  • To collect and exhibit works of art
  • To provide art lovers an opportunity to own pieces of art


The collection of artwork at Bhatia Art Gallery comprises of arrays of vibrant and contemporary works of art. Many of them are simply the best. Dr. Seema Bhatia’s exquisite art works are special attractions in this gallery.  Soft changes in color tones are pointing towards corresponding changes in human feelings. Her paintings in oil on canvas are fine examples of shades of mood, light and ambience. The vivid colors resonate in the minds of observers, keeping them transfixed. The paintings truly represent the changing face of Indian milieu. Art connoisseurs, critics, and students pay visit to this gallery to witness the new experiments in Indian art.

Location & Timing

  • Bhatia Art Gallery is located at D – 179, Sector 41, Noida – 201301 ( U.P. )
  • The gallery is open to visitors from 11 a. m. to 7 p. m.

How to Reach

Noida is part of National Capital Region of India. Noida is approachable by road through variety of travel modes. Buses, taxis and rickshaws ply regularly along these routes. Services of nearby metro stations can also be availed by visitors.

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