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Artists Gallery The Nook

The Artists Gallery the Nook is one of the most popular art galleries of New Delhi and also one that attracts a large number of art enthusiasts throughout the year. Visitors come here to get a close and upfront view of the creative geniuses of some of the topmost names from the Indian world of art.

Location and Other Details

The Artists Gallery, the Nook is located in Mandi House, Connaught Place in the basement of Shridharani Gallery. The gallery has gained reputation as one of the best places for viewing famous artworks by celebrated artists from Indian and other countries as well. Connoisseurs of contemporary artwork will derive immense satisfaction from the wide range of displays at this gallery. This place has become a must-visit destination, especially for those individuals who understand and appreciate intricate artwork and creativity in art forms.

Works of Established Players and Novices At One Place

Shows and exhibitions are regularly held at the Nook Gallery to provide art lovers a fresh insight into the developments happening in the arts and cultural scenarios in India. These shows display the works of both well-established artists who have already become household names and upcoming artists looking for a platform to showcase their talents and creativity. The Nook also organizes art exhibits of visiting artists looking to promote their creations.

The Artists Gallery, the Nook is also a wonderful place to enhance your knowledge about contemporary arts and crafts of India through books on the subject which are available in abundance here. It is an ideal place to have a look over some truly unique are highly creative masterpieces from the world of art.

Visitors to the gallery will enjoy the ambiance and the peaceful serenity of the place. You can use the services of guide who will guide you through the various sections of the gallery and also provide nuggets of information about specific works of art right through the tour.

What’s On Display

The Artist Gallery, the Nook is home to some of the most famous masterpieces from renowned artists. The works on display here includes those of Abdul Kadir, Achint, Ashish Joshi, Adwaita Prashad Gadanayak, Abhay Kumar Panda, Ajay Mohanty and many others. The gallery provides you an amazing mix of the finest art creations of upcoming artists who are on the threshold of national and global popularity.

The Artists Gallery, the Nook is open from 1000 Hrs to 1800 Hrs on all days except on Sundays and public holidays.

How to Reach

Delhi Transport Corporation buses are available from various places in New Delhi to take you to Mandi House, Connaught Place. You can also hire taxis and other private vehicles. The nearest Metro Station is Rajiv Chowk.

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