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Triveni Kala Sangam

Triveni Kala Sangam is a famous cultural and arts complex of New Delhi city. It is also an education center. It lies on Tansen Marg, between Bengali market and Mandi House roundabout.

The Triveni Complex houses 4 art galleries. They are: Art Heritage Gallery, Shridharni Gallery, which is the biggest one, Triveni Gallery, and a gallery at the basement, which is run by Art Heritage.

There is also an outdoor theater called Triveni Garden Theater, Triveni Chamber Theater, an open air sculpture gallery called Triveni Sculpture Court, a potted plant nursery called Prakriti, a bookshop, and students’ hostels. Triveni Complex conducts several classes of photography, painting, and various forms of dance and music.


Triven Kala Sangam was founded in 1950 by Sundari K. Shridharani. She was a former dance student of Uday Shankar. She got an idea of commencing a dance institution in Delhi when she shifted to this city after marriage.

The name “Triveni Kala Sangam” means “confluence of arts.” The renowned flutist, Vijay Raghav Rao, coined this name. The Sangam began in a single room above the famous Coffee House of Connaught Place in 1950 with just two students under K. S. Kulkarni, an eminent artist.

As the place got noticed, Ms. Shridharani got separate land allotted to her. Gradually, her group grew in numbers. She began to organize concerts and collect funds. Later, in 1962, the “Triveni Ballet” was founded.

In just half an acre of land, the construction of various buildings in the complex began in 1957. An American architect named Joseph Allen Stein was called to design the chamber theater, photography darkroom, library, art galleries, class rooms, and staff quarters. The present complex was inaugurated on March 3, 1963.

One of the first buildings by the architect was Triveni. He, later, designed other important buildings of the city such as India Habitat Center and India International Center. Triveni Complex features modern style of architecture and is noted for the use of stone lattices or “jali work.”


The Triveni Complex is known for its “multiple spaces for multiple purposes.”

The place offers Sculpting and Clay Modeling classes, Photography course, and classes on dance and music at affordable expenses. This lets students from all strata of the society to avail themselves the benefits of classes.

The Triveni Kala Sangam offers a fine platform for artists in various fields to express their work of art.

The Tea Terrace restaurant here has become a popular spot for students, artists, and intellectuals to meet. The restaurant is famous for its food. Triveni is the only public institution in Delhi with zero membership and no ticketed shows.

The Government of India awarded Founder and Director of Triveni Sundari K. Shridharani the Padma Shri in 1992. She received laurels for her immense support for arts and for helping those from financially challenged family backgrounds. She reduced prices at Triveni Café, permitted artists to conduct classes rent-free within the complex, and waived off fee for students from economically-challenged backgrounds.

Location and Timing

Location: Triveni Kala Sangam, 205, Tansen Marg, New Delhi 110001
Timings: 10:00 am to 7:30 pm

How to Reach

Triveni kala Sangam is situated in proximity to Mandi House area. The complex is behind Shri Ram Center for Performing Arts. Visitors can easily access the complex through metro train and get down at Mandi house metro station. City buses and cabs are also available for the place.

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