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About DTC And History

A brief about DTC

DTC or Delhi Transport Corporation is one of the largest public transport operators in the country. Since it runs public buses in the national capital, it has to have a foolproof mechanism in place because Delhi is the power-centre that directly or indirectly impacts the rest of the country. Also Delhi is a prime tourist centre, thus the role of DTC is of prime importance in the tourism sector. The two main routes on which DTC buses run are Mudrika or the Ring Road Service and Bahri Mudrika or the Outer Ring Road Service. The buses are run by CNG and DTC is regarded as one of the largest bus operators in the world that operates CNG-powered transport services.


Post independence, it was time to make transport more accessible and convenient because the whole demography of the region was changing. There were more people trying to piece their life together afresh. The then serving transport provider, the Gwalior and Northern India Transport Company Ltd. was proving to be insufficient to the growing demand. Hence the Indian government decided to bring in an all-purpose, all-service transport service that would serve Delhi better. Thus was born Delhi Transport Service in May 1948. When the Road Transport Corporation Act, 1950 came into force, the Service was reconstituted and a new, Delhi Road Transport Authority came into being. Later an Act of Parliament in April 1958 made the Transport Authority an undertaking under the Municipal Corporation of Delhi or MCD.  The former DTU or Delhi Transport Undertaking then came under the Indian Government who took over its assets and liabilities following a recommendation from MCD.  Since Delhi has undergone various political changes, today, Delhi Transport Corporation is under the administrative rule of the Government of National Capital Territory, Delhi.

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