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Art Heritage Gallery

In the year of 1978, Ebrahim Alkazi and his wife Roshan Alkazi jointly founded Art Heritage in New Delhi, which is now renowned as one of the top 10 art galleries in the country. Ebrahim Alkazi is acclaimed as one of the talented Indian theatre directors and also imparts education on practical drama, while his wife Roshan Alkaz is a highly acclaimed costume designer. The main look out of Art Heritage Gallery is to enhance and promote the appreciation and awareness of modern Indian art. It is situated within the popular art complex Triveni Kala Sangam. The gallery also has a number of famous publications in its bucket of fame – well known catalogues, art books, and portfolios were published and around 350 exhibitions have been held till date. Internationally acclaimed artists like F.N. Souza and M.F. Hussain and upcoming contemporary artists have showcased most of their works in this gallery.


Ever since Mr. E. Alkazi established Art Heritage in 1978 along with his wife, Roshan Alkazi they struggled quite a bit to make this foundation of art home firm and popular. The idea about modern art scenario was bleak, almost non-existent and had little impact over the population during those years – Art Heritage stood up to the motto of making this art form known to all strata of the mass and showcased a record production of more than 150 exhibitions and publications. During the initial days, they also held many forums and gatherings that spoke about art appreciation and works of acclaimed artists. Alkazi had also been a part of the Progressive Artists Movement when Art heritage was just formed; later in 1962 Alkazi shifted to Delhi and joined National School of Drama. After of 16 years constant successful foundations made in this school, Alkazi took the name of NSD atop the list of drama institutes in India. He even designed courses in theatre school that involved all forms of performing arts.

Aims and Objectives

Art Heritage considers the propagation of art consciousness and art admiration as its prime aim and objective. Alkazi always had an keen interest and sharp eye on the basic understanding of modern art forms and he also has the rich experienced of several years in the closely associated field of theatre – this have helped him to give a distinct motive and vision to promote the intellectual ballast into the contemporary art scene. The primary aim is to let the people know about the art scene during the 1970’s and also showcasing young and emerging talent and nourishing them to attain maturity through criticism and support as two sides of the same coin. The Alkazis have evidently shaped the contours and individuality of modern Indian art.


With so many successful exhibitions and publications by Art Heritage ever since its foundation; it is actually unjustified to point out only some of them. “Summer Prelude” was a group art show back in 2009 that gained great applaud due to its vibrancy. Very soon the art gallery gained some better known collections through the shows – “India – Continent of Circle by Nitin Ray”, “Dignity and Grace - Ethnic Echoes by Vrindavan Solanki”, “Monsoon Melody” and “Summer Interlude” by Groups. The collections by B.R Pandit and Abhay Pandit in 2010 were a great success owing to some of its sculpture collections. “Dev Deepavali in Varanasi” by Ashish Patil and “bodies that matter..” by Somnath Hore were crowd pullers. Some talented and eminent artists who showcased their works in Art Heritage made it even more popular are A. Ramachandran, Rekha Rodwittiya, Jaya Ganguli, Bhupen Kharker, Sudhir Patwardhan, Madhavi Parekh, Anupam Sud, K.G.Subramanyan, Seema Kohli, Arpana Caur, Raj More, Ali Akbar Mehta, and Shally Mahajan. The year 2014 has seen most of the inspirational collection at Art Heritage, namely works of Vanita Gupta & Ingrid Pitzer, Bharti Verma, Shivlal Saroha, Dipankar Pramanik, Rahul Gautam, Akshay Sethi and Sambodhi Ascharya.

How to Reach

Art Heritage is located within Triveni Kala Sangam, Tansen Marg. Aspirants who wish to visit this gallery can be easily reached by private cars, cabs, and buses. The distance from New Delhi station to Tansen Marg is around 3 Kms.

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