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Art Alive Gallery

Founded in the year of 2001, Art Alive Gallery has ever since become a prominent name amongst art lovers. This leading art gallery is situated in New Delhi and was established by the efforts of Sunaina Anand to promote and enhance Indian art practices. From the very beginning, Art Alive has stood up to its name by creating  inspirational and effective visual and literal art forms that were derived from curated shows, intra-disciplinary events, crucially edged catalogues, seminars and art books. The events of this gallery have always strengthened the inter-disciplinary communication and improved the acceptability of public knowledge thereby helping the mass in perceiving, motivating and appreciating art.


The Art Alive Foundation, also called TAAF is a private body that has encouraged and promoted the modern forms of performing arts, literature, visual arts, films, design and architecture and thus gave it a constructive name as Art Alive Gallery in 2001. Supporting cultural resonance and creative attributes, TAAF has supported and created art projects to appeal to the mass and educate the creative forms of human instincts from the very first day. The shows and publications of Art Alive have challenged the artful responses of the audiences and gained reputation and prominence  not only in the country but also internationally.

Aims and Objectives

Art Alive intends to create visually aesthetic and active experience that will potentially aid in the growth and development of Indian Art. Here are the specific aims and objectives of Art Alive –

  • Showcasing Indian Contemporary Art in the local, national and international realms
  • Venturing into mutual programs and participation in different national and international art fairs, seminars and festivals.
  • Offering grants and commissions to all the young, talented and aspiring artists from across Indian states; also awarding them by the advisory committee of art critics
  • Fostering artistic and scholarly pursuits from all ages through various activities and competitions
  • Aid in the maintenance and promotion of other art foundations, museums and homes of late artistic scholars


The latest show that is ongoing in Art Alive in April 2015 is “Trees” by Raghu Rai. The past shows that have been a part of the precious collections at Art Alive are prominent works of Mohan Malviya, A retrospective of Sudhir Tailang's Cartyoons, Ceramic Works by P.R Daroz, magnificent sculptures by Narayan Sinha, Outdoor paintings by Nayanaa Kanodia, Artists from Madhya Pradesh hosted a show named “Storytellers” that had an assortment of some of the best pictorial presentations, works by Sujata Bajaj, Yusuf Arakkal and Akkhitham Narayanan, Curated works by Anirudh Chari, Dipalee Daroz and Rakhee Balaram, and  mesmerizing photographs by Karan Khanna, just to name a few. Art Alive has been a home to countless art works from many more renowned and emerging artists and all of them have received immense appreciation and applaud from the audiences.

How to Reach

Art Alive is located on the Outer Ring Road that lies along the Panchsheel Park stretch. If the visitors are coming from Khel Gaon Marg side or Panchsheel Flyover, they will have to cross the Max Medical Centre and Panchsheel Club and on reaching the post of traffic signal, they have to move around and make a U turn from the point and immediately take the first turn on the left and then again take an U turn on the other side of the road – the building just after two buildings is the gallery.  

If the visitors are coming from the side of Chirag Delhi Flyover, just after crossing the 2 petrol pumps standing consecutively, they will reach the Malviya Nagar T crossing; crossing that as well they have to take the left turn just immediately and then the visitors again have to take a round-about turn on the other side of the road. The gallery stands on the third slot.

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