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Jammu and Kashmir is generally identified as the 'Switzerland of Asia' and 'Paradise of India'. It is located on India’s northernmost part. Moreover this state identifies Srinagar as its summer capital and Jammu as its frost capital. Also it is entrenched with striking jade landscapes, snow deserts, rivers, gorgeous mountains, streams and fertile forests. These all makes a home to a mixture of species of fauna and flora. Jammu and Kashmir is considered as a 'Paradise on Earth' and it is prominent worldwide for its gripping and enthralling splendor. Furthermore it is rich in natural resources and is sanctified with an enjoyable wholesome weather that entices travelers to its domicile. Dotted with shrines, monasteries, temples and mosques therefore the Indian state Jammu and Kashmir has a religious petition and thus is appropriate for holy tours.

Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh – 171 KM

Dalhousie hill station is the most commanded location in Himachal Pradesh state. It is well liked for its picturesque beauty and enjoyable climate. Moreover it is quick emerging mountainous spot that offers a agreeable vacation amidst tranquil and quiet surroundings. An admired infirmary during British rule era, this Dalhousie owes a great to its creator Lord Dalhousie for its celebrity and magnificence. Additionally it is nestled in the knee of ranges of Himalayan Mountain. This hill place is located at a usual elevation of 8000 feet. Dalhousie is an astonishing hill station and is abuzz with its aged attraction. In addition this region is considered as one among the preferred places during British rule. Also this hilly land houses a great numeral of mansions in Victorian style.

Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh – 180 KM

Dharamshala is well known as the sacred house of Tibetan alluring manager Dalai Lama. This place even houses the Tibetan administration in banish. The synonym for Buddhism is Dharamshala in India. Moreover it is located on the higher hilly territories of Kangra valley and puts alongside the attractive background of beautiful Dhauladhar Mountains. This stunning urban is characteristically separated as lower and upper divisions with two elevation ranges. Additionally Tibetan leader resides in this region therefore it is the ideal position to study about Tibetan fight for liberty and Buddhism. This town is subjugated by the Tibetan population while still keeping hold of English lifestyles and British passion. Plentiful Buddhist Gompas or Viharas present immense enriching values and Tibetan architectures.

McLeodganj, Himachal Pradesh – 181 KM

A beautiful imposing and cold visitor spot, McLeodganj is adequately located in upper Dharmasala. This place is considered as the notorious chair of Dalai Lama who is a holy leader. The capital was identified after David McLeod. He was the past Punjab’s Governor under British law. This is the managerial head office of the Tibetan administration in banish. Mcleodganj is a genuine cross part of Tibet and it is well recognized for learning place of Tibetan civilization and Buddhist rituals and dharmas. It has been also identified as the modest Lhasa as it has echo of Buddhist pressure on the earth. This is a striking mount station that is situated approximately 1700m high in state of Himachal Pradesh. This region is enhanced with several antique monasteries, temples and structures. Tsuglagkhang is the major holy place and it enshrines various holy persons Avalokitesvara, Sakyamuni Buddha and Padmasambhava. The arena of the region is reverberated by Buddhist sacred lifestyles and practices. This is a mainstay of the natural attractiveness as the Mother Nature has sanctified this district with all its nobilities.

Dehradun, Uttaranchal – 528 KM

Dehradun is considered as one of the oldest cities of India. This city resides all that is stylish and vivid in nature. Moreover it is a historic city that lies in the knee of regal Himalayas. Furthermore this attractive city is considered as the capital of recently shaped Uttaranchal State. Also it is a rambling urban as it is spotted with charming spaces and this allures numerous picnickers. These spaces include long-winded parks, gardens, respected temples and green landscapes. An imperative region under the past Garhwal rulers and even the mountainous land is also famous as the house of Drona. Drona was the powerful spiritual leader of the Kauravas.

Mathura, Uttar Pradesh – 717 KM

Mathura is a city in the State of Uttar Pradesh and it is a grand town that bares record of many centuries. It is chiefly measured as the origin of a most compassionate noble of Hindu Pantheon. Moreover it is a holy city with an assortment of sacred shrines and consecrated kunds. Furthermore Mathura boasts common myths and legends. It has even increased deep-seated attitude in the citizens. Mathura greets its guests with the innumerable stories of god Krishna. Every mark in this amazing town has some link with the most humanitarian personification of Vishnu Lord. The tranquil banks of the Yamuna River and its sacred Ghats feature the spiritual passion of the town to a huge amount. Muttara was called by Britishers and the Greeks called this city as Modoura. The factual connotation of the word Mathura is ‘city of gods’, as it is well matched to its peaceful ambiance. Additionally this town is connected mostly with the tale and faction of lord Krishna.

Bikaner, Rajasthan – 744 KM

The deserts of Bikaner charm from a space but it is only the right adorers of sand and sun who create it as their abodes and even generate wonders spank in the center of the parched arid ground mass. Bikaner city recounts same stories of adversity and courage of the creator. Rao Bikaji was a successor of Rao Jodhaji. This ancient city was originatde in era of 1488 from Jangaldesh or the state of feral scrubs. Almost from 550 years and since its beginning this city has extended athwart the barren region and has even obtained know-how viz, camel propagation and arid irrigation which is exclusive to it. Bikaner city inhabits rock-strewn scrubland and it is situated on a lofty plain in the barren region. The old city of Bikaner is covered with a lengthy embattlement wall which sporadically shatters in order to provide mode to five gigantic gates. Now a chief deal heart for building stones, wool, carpets, salt, blankets and grain has been appeared in Bikaner city as the salvation of the state.

Kullu, Himachal Pradesh – 366 KM

Kull is situated in the haughtiness of the royal Himalayas and the tranquil arena of the clean Beas River. This city which is situated in Himachal Pradesh state is also recognized as the "Valley of Gods". Previously it was well-known as Kulanthpitha which means 'the finishing tip of livable world’. This wonderful vale is also mentioned in epics such as Mahabarata, Ramayana and Vishnu Purana. Kullu was not a simple available position till sovereignty, which aided to protect its untouched attraction and elderly custom. A huddle of gorgeous valleys can be seen in Kullu. Therefore this place presents itself as a pleasurable sightseer spot where one can experience the invigorating tenderness of Mother Nature. Moreover it is bequeathed with plentiful natural resources. Kullu vale serves all that prickles the visitors imagine for. The overwhelming landscapes, forthcoming people with speckled ethnicity and traditions make Kullu a beloved picnic destination. River rafting, exigent trekking and hiking are such activities where one can take pleasure in this peaceful gorge.

Delhi, Delhi – 627 KM

In Delhi state, Indraprastha is the famous capital of the renowned Pandavas. This place is boasted with irresistible history and is wealthy in enlightening heritage. Moreover this place is nestled in the knees of splendid Yamuna. Delhi presents the spirit of India in its factual nature. This multinational urban replicates the accurate soul of India and it also residences citizens from all different parts of country. Its extremely glowing population represents the miscellaneous traditions of the subcontinent and therefore it has achieved the tribute as the principal city of an exclusive nation. Furthermore it portrays the novel face of modern Indian culture where the splendid history is tangled to the basics of innovation. Delhi is collection region where diverse literary essentials have been immersed into the daily existence of the town. Among the archaeological walls of medieval and antique India, Delhi has been destroyed seven times but still it smugly stands as a breathing shrine of the departed grandeur.

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