Jahangir praised the amazing beauty of Jammu and Kashmir wholeheartedly by describing this valley as a paradise on the earth. He admired the breathtaking view of this valley on a house boat in the Dal Lake.

The entire richness of the Srinagar region lies in the shape of wonderful gardens that was constructed by the Mughal emperors, who were ruling India in olden days. The main attraction of this garden lies in the panoramic view situated around the gardens and also the beautiful and magnificent lakes located in the side of the garden. The state of Kashmir acts as a highly relaxing area for the Mughal kings especially during the period of scorching summers. The magnificent garden designed by the Mughal kings is a proof to show their affection towards this paradise.

The wonderful Kashmir valley is filled with large number of gardens and parks. The gardens situated in the Kashmir valley act as a centre spot and attract large number of tourists every year. If you happen to visit Kashmir, make sure to visit atleast one among these gorgeous gardens during your trip.

Perfectly planned and constructed in a vast area of space, these gardens and parks of the Jammu and Kashmir are resting place for a large variety of plants and outstanding water systems. These gardens still possess some of the inspirations of the luxuriously constructed Persian gardens which are mostly rearranged according to the climatic conditions prevailing in these mountainous slopes.

The gardens and parks located in Jammu and Kashmir stand completely unique when compared to those of other regions because of the presence of floral beds, terraced gardens and fascinating water fountains. Being well known as the Paradise on earth, the region of Kashmir valley is not only the precious gift of nature but also a masterpiece made by the Mughal emperors.

There are famous works located all through the route from Tehran to Agra, but the one located in the Kashmir region which takes up additional beauty from the adjacent lakes and mountains is an excellent creation with total perfection. Apart from the beautiful mountains and houseboats, Kashmir is also well recognized for the presence of these magnificent gardens.


The gardens situated in the region of Jammu and Kashmir are well known all around the world for their wonderful beauty and perfect picturesque landscapes. Their amazing beauty mesmerizes the hearts of millions of people and it attracts people from all over the world. The stunning view of the garden delivers a tranquillest beauty to the viewers. The gardens and park in the Kashmir region are constructed with unbelievable perfection along with unique style and special form.

The highly popular gardens located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir include the Nishat, Shalimar, Cheshmashahi, Pari Mahal, Harwan and Nasim Bagh. Among this, Shalimar Bagh was constructed by the great Mughal emperor Jahangir on account of his pure love towards his wife Nur Jahan. Being well known with the identity of Farah Baksh, this outstanding and beautiful garden is wide spread over an area of approximately 98,098 square meters. Commonly identified as “Garden of Love”, this breathtaking area is a must watch place for the tourists who would like to spend their valuable time in hermit. Together with the stunning natural beauty, this garden is also coupled with multiple terraces and various water bodies.

Being inculcated with invaluable natural beauty, these gardens and parks situated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir are the perfect example for the wide natural grandeur of this prestigious state.

The Garden’s Layout

The layout of all these gardens follows the same pattern of rectangular shape with a line of terraces situated one after the other upwards to the hillside. Down towards from the centre flows the stone channel passing through a layer of pools and also cascades. This technique of transporting running water with the help of artificial cascades along with the fountain layout was initially carried out in India by the architects hired by the famous Mughal emperor, Akbar. The term Bagh refers to garden. Any person can enjoy few of the best gardens in Srinagar in a casual bike journey moving around the shores of the various lakes.

Famous Ones

Mughal Gardens

The Mughal gardens ranks one of the best gardens located in the valley of Kashmir. Many of the famous Mughal kings resided in Kashmir to escape themselves from the scorching summer. As a result of their admiration towards this Kashmir valley, they themselves made a remarkable contribution that lies in the type of the Mughal parks and garden.

Shalimar Bagh

Being situated slightly backwards from the Lake is the Shalimar Bagh which can be easily reached through a small canal. The Shalimar was constructed by the famous emperor Jehangir as a token of his love for his wife Nur Jahan during 1616. Although this Shalimar Bagh is popularly termed as the “garden of love”, the original name of this Shalimar Bagh is Farah Bakhsh or otherwise “delightful garden”.

The garden has been designed in the form of four terraces with the presence of traditional running water channel moving down the middle. The measurement of this garden is about 540X183 sqmts. During the period of Mughal emperors, the top most order of the four terraces were reserved for Mughal emperor and also the ladies present in the court take up the top terrace along with the king. There is a pavilion made of a black stone present in the centre of the tank. There are also black marble fluted pillars supporting the pavilion and was being used as a banquet hall.

Shalimar Bagh possesses an atmosphere of shelter and relaxation along with its line of shaded trees and fountains which appear to draw away the snowcapped mountains. There will be a Son Et Lumeiere, otherwise known as sound and light show which occur every day evening during the month of May to October (tourist season).

Nishat Bagh

The Nishat Bagh is also another lovely garden designed with 12 terraces indicating the 12 signs of Zodiac. These terraces run gradually downwards till the edge of the lake. The Nishat Bagh garden is located on the banks of the Lake Dal in the background of Zabarwan hills. The Nishat Bagh delivers a mesmerizing view along with flower beds, fountains and trees. The plan for this garden was executed by Asaf Khan (brother of Nur Jahan) during 1633 which follows the pattern same as that of the Shalimar gardens, possessing a polished stone channel moving straight down the centre region and a layer of terraces.

It holds the pride of being the largest among all the Mughal gardens with the size measurement of 548X338 sqmts and also the highly crowded place in Jammu and Kashmir. Layering both the sides of the channel are the series of cypresses and Chinars. One can also view the last ruins of Mughal period buildings which includes a double storey pavilion surrounded on the two sides latticed window panes.

Lying exactly behind the garden is Gopi Tirth, a tiny spring pushing crystal clear water that feeds the garden water.

Chasma Shahi

Chasma Shahi is the smallest among all the Mughal gardens present in the Srinagar. The size of the garden measures approximately 108X38 sqmts. There is a fresh water spring lying in this garden which is known to contain medicinal properties.

The garden designed in 1632 by a Mughal emperor Ali Mardan Khan is made up of three terraces like aqueduct, mountains and waterfalls. The water coming out of the springs reaches the fountains and then proceeds via the pavilion floor and later on falls on the lower terrace in the form of a fine cascade of approximately five metres, on the top of a polished black stone chute.

Recently the garden has been extended to some extent. The Chasma Shahi is open to public right from sunrise to sunset but they charge a certain amount for entry into this garden. There is also a small temple, the Chasma Sahibi, besides the garden which also hosts a fresh water spring.


This vast garden is located in the city of Srinagar with an amazing canal running all around its heart. There is a mesmerizing lake located just behind the garden which feeds the entire garden is lined with huge chinar trees and flowerbeds. There are neither fanciful things nor artificial fountains in this region. This is a perfect picnic spot and holiday destination filled with diverse natural beauty that is complimented with vast and big green covered lawns. Apart from pleasant walk inside the garden, there is a take-off spot for touring the wide life sanctuary of Dachi Gam and also an initiation spot for trekking plan to Mahadev Mountain.

Pari Mahal

This royal destination of Pari Mahal displays a perfectly planned structure and is located at a distance of 5 minutes’ drive from Cheshmashahi. This place holds an old age Buddhist monastery which was then transformed into a school of astrology by the Mughal ruler Dara Shikoh, the eldest heir of Emperor Shah Jahan. This traditional old age monument exhibits an extraordinary outlook when it gets illuminated in the night. The monument is located on the edge of the mountain delivering its reflection on the waters of the Dal lake along with a wide spread garden in the front.


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Parks and Gardens
Parks and Gardens
Parks and Gardens
Parks and Gardens
Parks and Gardens
Parks and Gardens

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