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Shopping Places In Jammu And Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is a shopper’s paradise and an exceptional treasure house acclaimed for handicrafts. The fabrics, shawls and especially the 'Pashmina' wool shawls available at Jammu and Kashmir are highly admired and have a considerable demand everywhere throughout the world. The dry foods grown from the ground of Jammu and Kashmir are of exceptional quality and are even traded. As a result, one has a fabulous scope to shop from the state capital. The attractive and decorative pieces produced out of walnut wood are accessible at an extremely low cost. These pieces in turn hold marvelous decorative work and carvings. The Walnut items are not only used as utility items but also as exceptional gifts and a keepsake. The fabrics designed from Jammu and Kashmir will have a subtle thread design. The designed fabrics are, however, exorbitant as the artisans invests plenty of their time in designing a particular fabric as the work is just carried out only by means of their hands. Yet the expenses spent on these purchases are worth for the work they owned. Kashmir is extremely popular for hand-craft walnut fixtures, Persian carpets, finely embroidered woolen shawls and impeccably painted boxes. Kashmir is as well renowned worldwide for its numerous crafted works, and the activity involved in finding a right prospect to sell them is often pursued by means of remarkable energy. Most trendy purchases consist of rugs, papier mache articles, leather and furs, woodcarvings, shawls and embroidery works, nectar, custom-made attires, comfortably coarse-sewed sweaters and cardigans, that exorbitant spice items, saffron and numerous added things. The entire string of government handicrafts emporiums are dotted in the region of Srinagar; however the principle one is located in the fine old British Residency building by the Bund with blazing shops all along the Boulevard by Dal Lake. The Bund, in addition, has a few fascinating shops, incorporating Suffering Moses with high- quality merchandise. Shikaras patrol Dal Lake like sharks stacked down with goodies. The major areas to shop at Jammu are Vir Marg, Hari Market and Raghunath Bazaar. The Vir Marg a government arts emporium offers great quality with economical rates on various items.

What to Buy

Kashmir is renowned for tremendous shopping across the globe specially for its woolens, saffron, shatoosh and Pashmina shawls, wooden handiwork, hand woven floor coverings, walnut wood work, paper mache articles, Kashmiri crewelwork, phirans, honey, copper, brass, almonds, silverware and fruits variety are the most essential purchases in Jammu and Kashmir.


The carpets in Jammu and Kashmir are generally a costly purchase. Though the carpets are almost accessible in every city, but the carpets of Kashmir are well-known to be woven and any carpet can cost over and above Rs 5000. While the purchase of carpets in Kashmir, be definite that the carpets are hand woven. One can verify for themselves the quality of hand woven carpets by turning to the back of the carpet knotted and not tufted while one can be left assured.

Pashmina and Shahtoosh

The pashmina and shahtoosh shawls are exceptional shopping items which can't be found at anyplace. The Pashmina shawls are definitely a onetime buy as they are made up from the hair of the seldom originated Ibex and its cost ranges somewhere between Rs 4000 to 10,000. One will surely fall in love with the uber quality of woolen scarfs and shawls to parade in front of your near and dear ones, after return to the home. The shahtoosh shawls are prepared from the belly hair of the antelopes originated in Ladakh. The Shahtoosh shawl is frequently known as ring shawl as the fabric used for this shawl is too soft, and it can simply pass from the small hole of a ring.

Wooden Carvings

The state of Kashmir is a traditional treasure house to several popular wooden crafts. Walnut wood is the predominant and remarkable item that is utilized to make the wooden souvenirs. While going for a visit to Kashmir, the visitors are certain to make a choice of articles made from this wood. The artifact with intricate cravings and natural design makes the wooden carvings exclusive.

Famous Shopping Destinations in Kashmir

The amazing handicrafts accessible across several towns and cities are offering a board range of unique and exotic shopping experiences to all the tourists visiting Jammu and Kashmir along with a match in its scenic beauty. However, Srinagar and Jammu are absolute shopper’s paradise.


Srinagar offers a great pleasurable of shopping experience. The arts and crafts it presents to the travelers are immense and awesome. The most admired shopping items that are highly preferred to the tourists are Pashmina shawls, painter paper mache boxes, carved walnut wood souvenirs, Christmas tree decorations, Carpets, cashmere and shahtoosh shawls are the things that one shouldn’t overlook while a visit to Srinagar.

To shop for all the above cited items, tourists must arrive at Boulevard and Lambert Lane that are lined with souvenir shops. These items are as well sold at Kashmir Arts Emporium, but the prices of these items are often fixed.


Jammu offers a blend of traditional and modern shopping. The famous markets located in the heart of Jammu city are Vir Marg, Raghunath Bazaar and Hari Market where one can shop a range of Kashmiri handicrafts, dry fruits and traditional Dogra jewellery. One can locate the wide shopping of Kashmiri souvenirs items at The Kashmir Government Arts Emporium.


The other shopping place is Leh and Ladakh where tourists will in turn have abundance shopping options. The prominent shopping items include a range of artificial ornaments and jewelry with the sculpture of Lord Buddha. Ladakh is popular for handicrafts like Buddhist masks, prayer wheels and Thangka paintings and the conventional attire of the monks are quite eminent. Besides, one can find famous local made woolen items like socks, sweaters, caps and gloves to tourists visiting Ladakh.

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Shopping Places In Jammu And Kashmir
Shopping Places In Jammu And Kashmir
Shopping Places In Jammu And Kashmir
Shopping Places In Jammu And Kashmir
Shopping Places In Jammu And Kashmir
Shopping Places In Jammu And Kashmir

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