The Himalayan range is mainly enthralling and amazing natural wonders of this earth with youngest and major sequence of the mountains. Himalayan range is the abundant store house of animal / wild life. It is noteworthy that nearly 33% of warm blood vertebrate’s species, of the world that are the accurate animals of the mountains, are inhabitants of these Himalayan ranges.

The diverse geographical regions of Jammu and Kashmir have diverse vegetations and climates as well as the diverse wild life also for wildlife fanatics. The superbly long tail kaleej bird and its feathers can be seen and a pleasure to the angler in Kashmir. The snow leopard, an intangible and beautiful survivor from the first icy epoch, in Kashmir is probably the fit enough example to epitomize the quality and relevance of the atmosphere of mountain. The range is enormous extending throughout the Himalayan area.

Wildlife Sanctuaries of Jammu & Kashmir

The regions of Jammu and Kashmir have exceptional geological aspects, vegetation, climate and landscape which support abundant wild life sanctuaries and also sustain trees and plants of various species. The bird watchers and nature lovers are delighted to view varieties of flora and fauna with photogenic landscapes. The dazzling Himalayan Ranges including foothills and green plains present the photography delights to visitors and very diverse flora and fauna of this wonderful state.

The sanctuaries of wild life in Jammu and Kashmir have some of the finest and rare recognized animals of this area like Brown bear, Yellow-throated Marten, Bharal, Black bear of Himalaya, common leopard, Kashmiri stag, Markhor, Langurs, red fox, snow leopard and Shapu etc. The species of birds comprise the Black Eagles, Golden Eagles, Black Bulbuls, Griffon Vultures, Kestrels, Cinnamon sparrows, Lammergeyers/ bearded vultures, the yellow and black Grosbeak, Falcons/Hobby and Monal pheasants of Himalayas etc.

There are plenty of wild life sanctuaries in Jammu and Kashmir which comprise the Sanctuary of Ramnagar wild life, sanctuary of Surinsar-Mansar wild life, sanctuary of Jasrota wild life, sanctuary of the Overa wild life, sanctuary of Nandini wild life and Reserve of Gulmarg Biosphere. These sanctuaries were recognized with the sole aim to serve like a sanctuary and home for many migratory, widespread, and rare species of fauna and flora of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Living Wild Treasures

The state of Jammu and Kashmir has been bestowed with the Mother Nature’s bounties in plenty and loveliness which can be judged by diversity and sophistication of the landscapes. Similarly Wild life and animals also appear to adore it awfully a lot and further so by the rare species. The state of Jammu and Kashmir with its unusual scenery, diverse climatic conditions and different vegetations offer appropriate circumstances for many classes of fauna. This Nature’s loved state is also the home of number of rare species such as “Hangul”, a Kashmiri stag and snow leopard who has existed here since the time immemorial. Anyone can see countless superb and enthralling forms of existence in numerous sanctuaries and National parks in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Flora

There are nearly 3055 species of the flora in Himalayan Kashmir. Ladakh region has about 882 species. The district of Jammu has 509 species of the flora. Gymnosperms, pteridophytes and angiosperm are only included in above cited datas. The other districts of the state are also frequently modernized for species information’s in publications of Taxonomy. Algae and Fungi, the lower plants, have not been calculated in detail. Micro flora information’s of inaccessible regions is obtainable for few plants family and orders only. The flora and plants of Himalaya’s western area are well identified for their ample medicinal properties.

The perfume and pharmaceutical industries use lots of aromatic and medicinal plants of this area of the state. The record comprises about 56 species of significant aromatic and medicinal plants. The cold, moderate and arid areas of Jammu and Kashmir made available the 11 medicinal plants to industries. Several plants of medicinal uses wildly grow in alpine and mild habitats. Some local plants with medicinal properties have been now taken up for farming. Cultivation of Dioscorea deltoidea has now been undertaken for tubers, rich in diosgenin and produce cortisone, a hormone steroid.

The Fauna

Owing to the exclusive climatic conditions and locations, Jammu and Kashmir comprises of diverse fauna. This state boasts the presence of about 16% of total Indian birds, mammals, amphibians, butterflies and reptiles. Birds contribute a lot to the diversity of chordate followed by amphibians, mammals, fishes and reptiles. The J&K is a house of nearly 75 mammal’s species along with numerous sub-species, related to 21 families, 8 orders and 54 genera. Out of total fauna of mammalian in the state, Carnivores is shared by 32%. The ungulates have 119 species in the state and worldwide endangered list of ungulates is 13 species.

The varieties of avian of this state differ seasonally and data available suggests the presence of 358 bird species related to 51 families which are in 16 orders and 179 genera. There are 14 amphibians species related to 5 families in one order and 6 genera and 68 reptile species related to 12 families in two orders and 43 genera. The present data also informs that fishes of 44 species related to 14 genera in 5 families are available in the state. The data available also suggests that 225 insects species along with many sub-species related to 35 families in 4 orders and 136 genera are present in Jammu and Kashmir.

This Nature’s loved state is also the home of number of rare species such as “Hangul”, a Kashmiri stag and snow leopard who has existed here since the time immemorial. Anyone can see countless superb and enthralling forms of existence in numerous sanctuaries and National parks in the state of Jammu and Kashmir


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