For an extremely long period of epoch till today, The state of Jand K has remained as a centre of cultural and social hub.Its heritage has been preserved by the museums of the state that display the daily affair, regality and the cultural wealth of Kashmir. They stand witness to the execution of sculptures of various gods which acted as the benchmark of the culture of Kashmir. This in turn exhibits the exclusive grammar and sculptural benchmark in the region of Kashmir which goes back from seventh and eleventh centurty.

Many palaces of Kashmir have now been transformed into rich palaces. Meuseum in Kashmir behold various items including paintings, shawls, arms, utensils of copper, Ladakhi handicrafts and silver images. Other items of archeology include terracotta tiles, pottery, stone and metal substance wchic date back to the time of the 2nd to 12th century Anno Domini.Another vivid description included the life size statues of Vishnu, Shiva and even Bhuddha. Also highlighted are the great art of calligraphy in Arabic and Persian scripts which highlight the excellent art of the state. Not only that., Clothing and even libraries are present in some museums.

Other than this, Excotic and rare works of art are here from various schools of art like Jammu, Kangra and Basoli. They have been displaying the beauty of the art for the viewer’s eyes. Photographs are also well preserved in the state meuseum which depict the architecture which was seen in palaces, forts and the temples along with weapons etc. Apart from that, Fine example of Metallurgy from the era of the Mughals is also put on display in these meuseums.

Famous Museums

Some of the museums of Kashmir are Amar Mahal Palace Museum, Dorga Art Museum, Shri Pratap Singh (SPS) Museum and others.

Amar Mahal Museum

Amar Mahal Palace Museum was the place where Raja Amar Singh lived earlier. This is located in Jammu. The palace is really beautiful which is made up of red stand stone which stands apart and is one of the best place from the other picturesque sites in Jammu & Kashmir.

In the north there is the unforgettable view of Shivaliks and to make it more beautiful the river Tawi flows from down.

Now it is used as a Museum and is under the Hari-Tara Charitable Trust

Dogra Art Museum

Located in the compound of the Mubarak Mandi complex, The Dogra Art museum displays somewhere around 800 Excotic and rare works of art are here from various schools of art like Jammu, Kangra and Basoli. A bow and arrow with a gold plating belonging to the royal Mughal emperor Shah Jehan. Along with it there are innumerable tools of carpentry which contribute to the important elements within the museum complex.

Sri Pratap Singh Museum

Sri Pratap Sing Museum, popularly known as SPS Museum in Srinagar is an extremely important mesuem. Flowing with historical significance, The museum also beholds the wealthy inheritance Gilgit, Kashmi, and even Baltistan. The lal Mandi locality is where this museum lies, On the left back of the river of Jhelum. Built by Maharaja Pratap Singh in the year 1889, this beautiful museum proudly showcases several precious soil items belonging to the 3rd century from Ushkar and Harwan


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