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Jammu And Kashmir Travel Information

Jammu and Kashmir is a heaven on earth, and it has been one of the most beautiful places in India since prehistoric time. It was a home of Buddhist and was once under British rulers. The place is also known as a favorite place to Jahangir, a Mughal Emperor. Kashmir was a heaven to him.

Jammu and Kashmir is the place that every Indian wants to visit at least once in a lifetime. It has always been considered one of the most beautiful places in the country, instead of lots of controversial incidents.

Kashmir is a better place for everyone now. The riot that has been going on for about 20 years has come to an end.

Some parts of Himalayas come under the state Kashmir. One thing people should understand that not every part of Kashmir is under violence. Some places are free of any kinds of violence. Kashmir is mainly populated by Muslims, Jammu by Hindus and Ladakh by Buddhists, three principal parts of Kashmir.

People would not find any sign of violence in Ladakh. Jammu is also a very nice place to stay and visit. It is a peaceful place. The situation in Kashmir is taking a positive turn. Thus, you do not have to be concerned about anything when you visit the place.

Srinagar is an attractive city. You are able to enjoy the amazing sights from different parts of Srinagar. The mountain would look breath-taking, and you would get amazed to see the beauty of nature in front of you. The lakes in the city are also one of the main reasons of attraction. Dal Lake is the world-famous attraction. Tourists also love to visit Shalimar garden and Nishat garden, also known as Mughal gardens. There is a wildlife shelter in Pahalgam, an amazingly beautiful valley. There are ropeway and trekking activities where tourists can have a lot of fun. People would also find Gulmarg very attractive. It has the world’s highest golf track and an option for ski.


  • Jammu – Tourists always take bus routes to enjoy the picturesque sites in this place. It gets special during the winter. And another reason for one to stay here is to visit world-famous temples.
  • Kashmir valley—Kashmir is a place of heaven like places, that’s why it is called Heaven on earth. People are also very friendly here, which is great. The place is famous for gorgeous gardens, lakes and breathtaking scenery. But you also need to check the ‘stay safe’ paragraph below.
  • Ladakh – It’s a fantastic place popular for breathtaking scenery and high mountains. It is also a nice place for trekking.  


  • Jammu – popular for wintry weather.
  • Srinagar – summer is the best time to visit Srinagar. It is popular for the Dal Lake and the houseboats.
  • Gulmarg – the best place for Skiing and has a beautiful golf course, which is highest on earth.
  • Katra – popular for its beautiful temple of Lord Viashno Devi and Tirukata Mountain.
  • Leh – the main point for adventurous visitors and for trekking.
  • Pahalgam – a very peaceful place to visit. There are several trekking paths.
  • Patnitop – a picturesque location in Jammu.
  • Udhampur
  • Zab Baihk

Hilly Roads and Highways

Gulmarg is the place where one could find the highway. It goes through the Baramulla and finishes in Pattan. It passes through till Anantnag, which is 56 kilometer from Pattan. You are able to reach Udhampur by road and from there Jammu. The highway is able to take you to the Pathanpur from there, 100 kilometer from the place.

To the east, you would find the Dalhousie and Chamba. This is surrounded by Himalaya. People would find mountainous roads from Anantnag. The road is able to take you to Pahalgam and Amarnath Cave. If anyone wants to visit Sonmarg, he would have to take the mountainous roads, linked to Srinagar. Tangmarg and Gulmarg are also filled with undulating streets. Then the roads would take you to the Poonch.  

Zanskar, Leh and Kargil

Zanskar has some nice trekking points. It is an ice-covered area. Airway is the only transport option in Srinagar and Leh. Railway is not accessible. One could reach Jammu and Udhampur through railways. Government is working on railway tracks in Kashmir.

People are able to reach all the inhabited places in Jammu and Kashmir through bus way.


The official lingo of this Indian state is Urdu. But people in Kashmir speak Kashmiri language. In Ladakh, Ladakhi language is popular, and in Jammu, people speak Dogri language. People also speak Hindi and Punjabi there.

Among educated people, English language is popular. Those who are involved in tourism also speak this language as it is important to them.

Get In

By Plane

One could reach Srinagar and Leh through airway. Indian Airlines, Indigo, Jet Airways and Kingfisher are the best option for tourists.

By Train

Udhampur is the last stoppage if you take railway. After that one has to hire a four-wheeler to reach the other destinations. But one could also take any taxi from Jammu, which is considered the best way.

The men in Kashmir are working on the rail tracks. This is one of the popular ways to link the state with other important parts of India. The project has started from the beautiful town Udhampur. The track would pass through Jammu and Baramulla, located at the northwest side of Kashmir. The venture is pretty much tough as the weather and the place don’t allow them to develop such a long route rail track. Places that are earthquake prone and experiences extreme cold are the main challenges.  
By Bus – One could take the bus route from Manali to reach Leh. People can also take Jammu- Srinagar road.

Get Around

  • Visitors are able to take buses operated by Jammu and Kashmir SRTC. One could get some good tour package they offer to get you to the beautiful cities. One can visit the visitor information centre for tickets and important information.
  • There are two types of jeeps available at the place. Private jeeps and 4wd jeeps. It is a best option to choose a jeep because it is able to take you to the most mountainous places.


  • Pawan ice creams made of fruits is popular, located in Jammu.
  • Moti Bazar is the best option for milk foodstuffs.
  • For sweets shops visit Gandhi Nagar
  • At Pacca Danga, Kachalu is popular
  • One could visit Pape de hatti for non-vegetable foods.
  • Important restaurants are here for Kashmiri foods
  • Visit Jan Bakery and Mughal Darbar in Srinagar
  • Kesar drinks are popular in Kashmir
  • Apples and dry fruits are also famous

Stay Safe

Now the circumstances are better for people. But sometimes, people see rally and political affairs that cause violence. The terrorist often attacks western citizens. The tourist should be aware of the situation before landing here.

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