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On Earth, there are some places that compel you to consider twice before you head for the place enjoying your vacations. Kashmir is one the places. Once it was the most favoured destination of India. Kashmir has now been transformed into a terror place by the terrorists. To provide safe and secured journey to the travellers of all over the world, the tourism department of the state has taken the necessary steps. Hence, Kashmir is about to attain its lost shimmer. The shimmer of Kashmir has begun to magnetise visitors from all the regions of the world. If you have also headed for Kashmir, then you must know the entire travel requisites required for your tour to Kashmir. The glorious crown of India is complete with its own history, art, architecture, culture, tradition, language, religion and ritual. Kashmir is distinct in itself. In this once peaceful valley with its peace-loving and friendly people, Buddhism achieved the height of its success. Hinduism spread its philosophical periphery into Shaktism and Shaivism. Islam attained a fresh significance and manner.

Do's and Don'ts in Jammu & Kashmir

  • Make sure that you have basic information of Jammu & Kashmir which is necessary for hassle free tour to J&K.

  • It is very much suggested planning your travel in a proper way always beforehand and reserve your outing from an approved Travel Agency.

  • Notify your family or friends about your travel program once your trip to J&K is booked because it comes useful during any crisis.

  • Before booking your outing to J&K, assess the climate conditions.

  • Check if your outing time is a peak season or off peak season to have to benefit of any discounts on your sightseeing and hotel deals.

  • During the stay in Jammu & Kashmir, make sure you are carrying your passport with you and keeping it secured all the time so that you can easily avoid any unwanted position.

  • Communicate with your deputation right away in case you find yourself in legal hassle.

  • Make sure that nobody touches your belongings after you leave the Railway Station or Airport.

  • Communicate with Airport travel help desk for information regarding your trip to Jammu and Kashmir. Avoid asking people as there are many advertisements hanging around the places.

  • Keep your credit cards and cash safely and totally avoid interacting with a stranger and any unknown person.

  • It is not important to carry much of cash as the place is well equipped with Banks and ATMs.

  • Try to hire a prepaid cab always from the Railway Station or Airport to get to your destination.

  • Contact your Travel Tour Operator for sightseeing tour or trekking experience around Jammu & Kashmir. Do not venture on your own as it is unsafe.

  • Do not involve in any type of agreements offered to you other than the authorized and genuine Tour Operators.

  • It is crucial to carry a waterproof laminated identity card including your complete name, physical address, blood group etc in case of any emergency.

  • Avoid misbehaving and arguments with anyone in J&K.

  • Approach your nearest Police Station in case of any unfavorable experiences. Inform them about the incident.

  • Always carry a map of Jammu & Kashmir along with you that includes all the places you plan to visit.

  • Always book a genuine tour and travel package from a government authorized Travel Agency. Also, a licensed guide for any sightseeing and trekking tour.

  • Show Respect to the region. During your visit to the National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries, make sure that you are wearing a khaki, brown colour or olive green outfit to avoid any troubles to the wildlife habitat.

  • Make sure to wear appropriate attire when visiting a religious place in Jammu & Kashmir. Also take off your shoes before going into the Mosque or Temple.

  • Bring along some warm clothing especially if you are planning to trek to the highland regions of J&K.

  • Do carry your prescribed medication along with the Doctor’s prescription. A Travel Essential Kit and Toiletry Kit are essential especially if you are planning for a trekking expedition and camping around Jammu & Kashmir.

  • Do not encourage and entertain beggars. Also do not travel at odd hours at the time of your stay in Jammu & Kashmir.

  • Ensure that you have cross checked your Hotel Bills before making the payment.

  • Avoid driving in Jammu & Kashmir without a legal Driver’s License.

  • Avoid eating street foods if you frequently suffer from stomach problems.

  • It is essential to note that Kashmir is a Muslim city. Hence, it is advisable to avoid eating pork in the local premises as it is against Islamic rules and belief. Do be sensitive to the Islamic customs and traditions. Also ensure that your attire and clothing is appropriate and not revealing during your stay in Jammu & Kashmir.

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Travel Tips
Travel Tips
Travel Tips
Travel Tips
Travel Tips
Travel Tips

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