There are a number of rivers and lakes situated in Jammu and Kashmir. The river flowing through this state originates from Himalayas. The most important river of the state is Jhelum River that originates from Himalayas and flows through the state. Some of the other rivers flowing through the state are Ravi, Tawi, Chenab and Indus.

The picturesque beauty of Jammu and Kashmir is because of the beautiful nature. Attractive sceneries and enthralling rivers and lakes are also found in abundance in this state. Rivers and Lakes of Jammu and Kashmir are famous among not only the national tourists but also attract international tourists because of the breath taking views and Jammu and Kashmir is blessed with number of such water bodies which are also helpful in maintaining the ecological balance.

Magnificent view of orchards with chinar trees can be seen at this state. These trees stand along the mountains and lakes and they offer such a splendid view to eyes that leaves visitors awestruck.

When someone talks about rivers and lakes in Jammu and Kashmir Name of Srinagar can not be left behind as it is very famous for its lakes since centuries that offer breathtaking views. Mountain ranges surround the bank of the lakes on all sides and these lakes have had a influential effect on people. Natural beauty can be easily found in abundance in Jammu and Kashmir. Shikara one of the easy ways of travelling in Kashmir in Dal Lake offers a soothing ride and a beautiful view side by side.

Major Rivers in Jammu and Kashmir

Jhelum, Indus and Chenab are some of the longest rivers in Jammu and Kashmir. Almost of all the Rivers flowing through the state have there origins in Mountain ranges. Ganges and Yamuna are two rivers that are famous in India also have their origin in Himalayas whereas Indus River has its Origin in Mansarovar lake which falls in Tibetian territory.

Some of the major rivers flowing through Jammu and Kashmir:

  • Chenab River
  • Doda River
  • Dras River
  • Indus River
  • Jhelum River
  • Markha River
  • Neelum River
  • Nubra River
  • Ravi River
  • Shingo River
  • Shyok River
  • Suru River (Indus)
  • Tawi River
  • Tsarap River
  • Yapola River
  • Zanskar River

Indus River

One of the important river of Indian subcontinent is Indus river that is a Trans Himalayan river which has its origin in masorover lake that falls in Tibet region and flows down the mountain ranges that are renowned in southeast of Ladakh and then meets the gurtang river at an altitude of 4200 meters. Then it starts its journey to the north of India flowing through the famous Zanskar mountain ranges and Ladakh mountain ranges.

The Indus River covers a large portion of its distance before entering Kashmir territory and it is also home to some of the adventure water sports like white river rafting. Pine and Deodar forests cover major part of the banks of this river. The total length of the Indus River is estimated to be 1980 miles or 3,180 km.

Markha River

Markha River is actually a tributary of the Zanskar River that flows across Ladakh region whose basin is famous for hiking.

Jhelum River

Jhelum River travels extensively through the Jammu Valley before it joins the Indus River. It is a very popular destination among travelers particularly because of the historic bridges on this river that are nine in number. River water has a lot of mud mixed with it. There are Mangla Dam, Rasul barrage and Trimmu barrage that are built on this river. Jhelum River is the longest river that travels maximum in the Jhelum district of Punjab. Jhelum River is a tributary of Chenab River and runs a total of 813 kms.

Chenab River

As a result of the meeting of two rivers namely the Bhaga and the Chandra River in the Himalayas Chenab River is formed and therefore it derives its other name the Chandrabhaga as a merger of two rivers. Source of this river is in Lahaul and spiti district in Himachal Pradesh. Chenab river runs a total of 960 kms and is famous for its importance in past.

Dras River

Source of the river can be found at Machoi glacier near the Zo-Zila pass. This river is a tributary of the famous Suru River.

Doda River

The other name of Doda River is stood which travels extensively through Ladakh valley and originates from drang dring glacier.

Suru River

This river originates in Zanskar which is situated in Ladakh and is also responsible for making the northern and western borders of the famous zanskar mountains and flows through Jammu And Kashmir State.

Shingo River

This river is a tributary of Suru River. Shingo River travels through the Ladakh region.

Ravi River

Ravi is a very famous river that crosses the border of India flowing through northwestern part of India and thus entering Pakistan and flowing through eastern parts of Pakistan. Total length of ravi river is approximately 720 kms and it forms one of the six streams of Indus river.

Lakes in Jammu and Kashmir

Dal Lake, Wular Lake and Mansbal Lake are some of the famous lakes in Jammu And Kashmir State. Famous for the Houseboats, Dal Lake stands second in terms of size among all the lakes situated in the state and is also a very famous Travelers destination not only among national tourists but also international travelers. Another Lake is Mansbal Lake which is near to the Srinagar just 30 kms away from Srinagar. The Largest fresh water Lake in country is Wular Lake, which is located in the Bondipore district. The Lake houses is also famous for the adventure water sports that takes place in Wular Lake like water skiing, Yachting and several other water sports the interesting duct about this lake is that it is also the deepest lake in the Jammu and Kashmir area. Another prominent lake in the area is Mansar Lake which is situated only 62 kms from the Jammu and is a very holy spot among tourists.

Jammu and Kashmir is Famous for the picturesque view and enchanting beauty in and around the lakes which attracts tourists. Actually these Lakes are the remains of the ancient river flowing through the valley in an indefinite coarse. One can easily note down unique culture that has developed around the lakes which has had a special influence on the lives of the people living in this area. Also the Lakes have helped in developing the ecosystem in and around the lakes due to which it inhabits many creatures and birds that can be easily seen in these lakes. These water bodies have a rich ecosystem. These lakes are surrounded by Himalayan mountain ranges on all sides which offer a breath taking view to the tourists visiting these lakes.

  • Dal lake which is one of the most famous lake in the state is spread on an approximate area of about 18 square kilometers which helps in earning the lake title of the second largest lake in the state. The scenic beauty and house boats situated in this lake attracts foreign nationals in large numbers. The view of the lake is picture perfect with mountain ranges at the backdrop and the Mughal garden at the other end makes the view more exciting and leaves a memory on the mind of tourists. Houseboats are must to stay on this lake.
  • Nagin lake one of the famous lakes in Jammu and Kashmir area is situated not very far from the Dal lake which is known to offer visitors quite and serene time. Summers is the best time to visit this lake because this lake freezes in winter which makes it least accessible. One can enjoy the shopping experience on this lake while boating, the view of the lake is enchanting and also the world renowned pashmina shawls can be purchased here by the shopping lovers. Poplar and willow trees surround the lake giving it a beautiful look. Boating experience is enhanced while surfing on waters in shikaras which offer a very smooth ride to travelers and making there experience worthwhile.
  • Another Very Famous lake in the region is the Wular lake which is just located at a distance of about forty kilometers from the capital of the state and is Asia’s biggest Fresh water lake which receives its water from the Jhelum River. Fishing is one of the major activity that is performed on the river and the total fish catch from this river accounts up to 60% of the total fish catch in the state. Various varieties of fishes are found in this lake some of them are mosquito fish, Rosy crap and various varieties of snow trout. Different species of birds can be easily spotted around this lake like cukko, eagles, pheasants, hawks, swift and woodpecker which it a perfect spot for ornithologists.
  • Mansar Lake situated in Jammu and Kashmir Region is famous for the holy sites that are present on the banks of this lake which makes it a popular travel destination. Forest hills in the backdrop offers a breath taking view to the tourists. The famous sheshnag temple and the temple of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are a must see, which makes it a holy destination. The breath taking view picturesque beauty and the temples what makes this lake stand apart from other lakes. Pilgrims visit this place because of the religious belief associated with the place so as to worship the god and receive the blessings of the deity and also take a dip in the holy water. There is also a wild life sanctuary located near the lake which is a heaven for the true nature lovers. Various animals like Dear, Neelgai etc. can easily be spotted in the sanctuary.
  • Mansabal Lake one of the deepest lakes in the state is enclosed by mountain ranges of Baladar which makes it a interesting tourist destination. Crystal clear water of the lake is another feature that attracts tourists. Manasbal Lake is situated in Jhelum valley. Some of the villages adjoining the lake are jarokbal, Konadabal and Ganderbal.

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