J & K -Heaven On Earth

There is saying Heaven is nowhere, but in Kashmir! This can be realized when the flight you are sitting hovers over the exciting snowy Himalayan peaks, it almost gives a feeling of a dream. Kashmir’s amazing beauty can be asserted with its behavior even after centuries of political volatility and a lot has been written and spoken about this certain times. When you visit Srinagar, the capital city of Jammu and Kashmir, there is a lot of concern about the security which is the last thing you need to worry about the city.

Alpine passes, Blue valleys -- The beauty of Kashmir is the collection of parables. The Kashmir geography is essentially categorized into 3 land masses: the plains of Jammu, the Kashmir Valley and the hills of Ladakh. Its strategic position heading to off and on that encounters with Pakistan and has converted this wonderful place to one of the highest battlegrounds of the world.

Jammu and Kashmir is the model of heaven on Earth and is very popular all over the world for its extravagant beauty. Relish your vacation in Kashmir to feel the excellent world and man-made creation.

The whole city of J & K is dealt by mountains, cracked by unfolds of the valley and studded with mountain lakes. The state is also marked with many beautiful hill stations that offer a perfect way of enjoying vacations. J & K tourism offers tourists, to spend an easy going adventurous vacation of fabulous beauty of nature.

Jammu and Kashmir is undoubtedly an extreme beautiful state of India, which is often identified as the ‘Heaven on Earth’. This is surely the most enlightened holiday destination in the world. Tourists feel better about this place as it becomes the ultimate destination for a honeymoon, or for an adventure holiday, also for holy pilgrimages, and other natural attractions or for shopping, etc.

Explore Another World

Jammu & Kashmir covered with amazing green hills and colorful flowers, where Srinagar puts Kashmir on top with its extravagant beauty, and the popular Dal Lake adds peace to its extraordinary look. Tourists should not miss a shikara ride on the Dal Lake. They can also choose to stay on a houseboat to get the true flavor of life in Kashmir.

Mount up a few steps to view the magnificent Shankaracharya Temple, built on a hilltop that offers a divine view of Srinagar. When you walk around, you will not miss the flowers that smile at you and appears in plenty at the extremely popular Mughal Gardens – the one and only Chashme Shahi, the beautiful Nishat Bagh and the great Shalimar Bagh, built by the Mughals as their summer refreshment. These gardens have several spray pool with Persian carvings, giving them a royal look. It is very difficult to find that much of blessings and elegance at a single place.

If you fall in love with Srinagar, then take a deep breath and hold your heart for Pahalgam, which is also known as the ‘Village of Shepherds’.

To enjoy few more of these free objects, you have to visit Gulmarg, that is almost 2 hours away from Srinagar and 5 hours away from Pahalgam, that is famous as the ‘Meadow of Flowers’. In this wonderful place, lovely wild flowers get decorated in your ways as you walk further to pick a Gondola to pass on to the Kongdoori Mountain peak.

From the lovely strawberry fruits to the bunch of cherry fruits, nature has been granting a lot to the Kashmir. While Gulmarg creates a good smile in you with its extraordinary sights, and Sonmarg, which is also well-known as 'Meadow of Gold', will bring you sudden rains and sunshine, that is just 3 hours away from Srinagar, and it is a very good destination for all day long digression.

The natural grandeur, gentle faces, fresh air, wonderful mountains, a juicy cuisine and huge tons of memories, what else one needs from this amazing place!

Wildlife - In the High Altitudes

The noted state of Jammu and Kashmir is graced with abundant woods and forests that serve as homes to few of the most rare and alien species of flora and fauna. The Snowy Leopards, the daring Cheetahs, the Kashmir Stag, the cute Black & Brown Bear, and the Bharal are some of the animals that can be watched in the various national parks situated in Dachigam, the Ramnagar, and the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve. For the people who are interested in wildlife, can watch the most entertaining Hemis Park at Leh, and the very exciting Kishtwar Park at Jammu; both are the most famous high altitude wildlife parks.

Shopping Boon

The Jammu and Kashmir shopping offer tourists with  richness of handicraft and handloom items that accept tokens to the rich endemic traditional factories of the state. The scoop of products where the traditional industries of Jammu and Kashmir have a globally applauded status, which are known for their perfect mixture of colors that are paired with delicate designs, product of the handloom and handicraft industries of Jammu and Kashmir drags the attention of every single tourist who visits the state. An internal part of the art and craft of Jammu and Kashmir and the handloom and handicraft industries have assisted the state government to earn huge revenues.

In Jammu, there are some main shopping areas which are the Vir Marg, the busy Raghunath Bazaar and also the Hari Market. In Srinagar, you can see both the Lal Chowk and the place called Badshah Chowk for the best in town. Ladakh includes 2 primary markets such as the Tibetan and the Moti market, as well.

Climate of Heaven

The weather is one of the opponents. In summer time, the heat increases up to the cracking point in the hills, and people of Ladakh and other places of the Kashmir wait for the snow to melt on the pathway. Since October, Jammu city has become a very pleasing place. However, the best time to experience the real joy of travelling to the valley of Kashmir and the Ladakh region is during May or September. The people of Jammu and Kashmir are famous for their simplicity and hospitality and are being invited to many marriages in the nearby villages, or into somebody’s house for a hot cup of tea or coffee. Kashmir has been placed like a spangled crown on top of India. It looks like a many sided diamond that changes its hues with the seasons amazingly beautiful. The 2 great Himalayan Mountains are marked as north and south landmark. These are the origin of the great rivers, which runs down into the vale; the forests with orchards are adorned by the lily-laden lakes.

Note- If you are an adventure enthusiast, then it will be surely a heaven for you in all the ways as many activities can be performed through the river rafting, to climb mountains and trekking can be done, very best in this place, where one cannot see anything apart from the beauty.

Each and every tourist spots in the state of Jammu & Kashmir mismatches to the scenic beauty. The bird’s eye view of the long stretches, where sun rays touch the mountains and vast spread meadows makes unambiguously beautiful land of Jammu & Kashmir, a real Heaven for the tourists.


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