Jammu and Kashmir is also known for some of its significant waterfalls along with ice covered peaks, Rocky Mountains, superb glaciers and delightful gardens. These waterfalls and their locations are the ideal places to use time in peace and privacy. They are just like divine abodes where anyone can revitalize himself. The waterfalls of Jammu and Kashmir present the quiet and restful atmosphere away from the daily dull life routines.

Verinag and Kokernag are the two most famous and hot visiting waterfalls of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. These two waterfalls provide all the ideal conditions for families to spend good time together. The beauty of the places, spectacular sceneries with pleasing backdrops has the capability to hypnotize any tourist.


Kokernag located strategically near Srinagar, has numbers of medicinal plants and known as botanical garden with miraculous curative powers. The spring begins from the hilltop forming charming waterfall has a rose garden also with innumerable aromatic rose flowers and fragrant shrubs.

Verinag Springs

Verinag springs located in district Kothar, is also very famous waterfalls of Jammu and Kashmir and the largest spring in India. This is a beautifully and circularly built waterfall with well maintained manicured lawns around its circumference. This whole area of Verinag is such a place which is full of gorgeous flowers and thriving foliage.

Famous Waterfalls in Jammu & Kashmir

Kokernag Waterfall

Jammu and Kashmir has a prefect water fall for tourist’s retreats known as Kokernag waterfall which is situated at an elevation of more than 2000mts. The distance between Srinagar and Kokernag waterfall is about 80kms. The another name of this waterfall is ”papashudan nad” meaning the cleaner of sins.

Kokarnag waterfall is very famous picnic spot for families and located in scenic surroundings with sacred numerous flowers and abundant greenery. This waterfall has taken its name from a spring which is its source also. This forceful and attractive water body is divided into manifold streams after its descending from a hilltop. The multiple channels, fashioned after the splitting up of the water of spring look similar to a hen’s clawed foot. Owing to this reason, the name of this water body is “Kokernag”.

This waterfall is situated in Bringhi valley. The valley is known for its aromatic air coming out of abundant blossoming scented flowers here. Kokernag nag is very ideal holiday target for the tourists who are fad-up from the activities of the life of urban cities. The water of Kokernag has remarkable remedial properties for curing quite a lot of diseases. The famous medieval historian Abul Fazl has written that water of Kokernag waterfall is loaded with curative properties. The un well people come here to get healed up by this wonderful water.

The visiting tourists here find accommodation in refurbished small cottages which are accessible at affordable prices. Acchabai, Daksum and Verinag are some of the close by attractions.

Verinag Waterfall

This water body is situated in district Kothar which is located nearly 80km away from Srinagar. Verinag waterfall was built in 1620 by the Emperor Jehangir of Mughal Dynasty and one among the most scenic places of the state of J&K. Tourists can visit this waterfall through a road bifurcating from Srinagar to Jammu Highway.

The meaning of the word “Verinag” is “bluish snake”. As per the mythological legends, the famous sage Rishi Kashyap was the father of “Neela Nag”. Verinag water kund was circular in originally built up construction but later on Emperor Jehangir gave it Mughal architectural touch by modifying the Kund from its circular shape to octagonal shape with enclosing eighty meter border. Whole of Verinag water body is surrounded by a brick wall.


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