Dating back to almost 700 decades, India’s rich and glorified culture need no introduction. This tenure of existence has lent India its unique treasure of monuments and civilizations. Several Fortresses, Breathtaking monuments and several delightful palaces suggest India’s glorious past.

The Paradise on Earth, Kashmir has attracted tourist for not only its natural beauty but also for its several daunting monuments. The Tall and overwhelming peaks of the mountains upholding various mansions, Monuments and Palaces, While beholding the great long and green pastors in its own lap. The Humble Chinar filled roads of the state of Jammu and Kashmir bear witness to the regality of the monuments and the brave rulers. Endowed by the choicest gift of nature, The state of Kashmir has the mysterious power to absorb the gaze of the tourists. When you are free admiring the natural beauty, The majesty of the mountains would then drown you in its own supremacy.

Athough the snow is the major attraction in Kashmir, Its monuments aren’t much behind. The amazing state of Jammu and Kashmir not only tender you an admirable view but also lets you interact with history through its monuments. The picturesque settings of Kashmir invite friends, families and off course the honeymoon couples who throng Jammu and Kashmir in large numbers. The monuments of Kashmir reveal the dynasties of the past and their culture and their conduct. Be it at the warfront or the civic front. All this and more makes Kashmir a hotspot of tourist destnation

In Jammu and Kashmir, The Cultural and archeological heritage are still well preserved and render a glorious effect to the mountains. The erstwhile glory of structures like the Palace of Sengge Namgyal, The Ram Nagar Palace and Amar Mahal Palace reach the epitome of the amalgamation between the classical Indian and Islamic architecture. Through its aesthetically preservation of the gardens of the Mughal Style which encapsulate these monuments in its splendor and through the musical fountains scattered across the garden make these monuments sit at the zenith of architectural brilliance.

Famous Forts and Monuments are

Pari Mahal

Pari Mahal which literally translates to the Fairy Palace is located immediately over The Chashma Shahi Gardens. Lying at a distance of merely 10kms from the state capital of Srinaga and a monastery for Buddhist monks once, Dara Shikoh transformed this place into a place to study the science of astronomy. The graceful monument of the Pari Mahal makes way for a lush green lawn which was a characteristic of Mughal Architecture. Once filled with springs everywhere, The strokes of time have reduced it to a countable few.The Mahal reaches the zenith of beauty on a moonlit night when the palace glitters with all its pride looking over the graceful Dal Lake.

Bag-e-Bahu Fort

Built by Raja Bahulochan approximately 3000 years ago, The Bag e Bahu fort remains to be the oldest and the most iconic of all monumental marvels in Jammu.  Revamped by the Kings of the Dogra Dynasty, This Palace on the Tawi River has been glittered with several waterfalls that sparkle the water in them. To further grace the space is their terraced estates which are always flooded with flowers and their colors.

Jama Masjid

Srinagar, Apart from being the state capital also houses the historic and the iconic Jama Masjid. The mosque is thronged by thousands of Muslims in Kashmir who gathere here in arge numbers to congregate for prayers on Friday.  With 370 Pillars to support its structure, The Mosque is a danting figure in Nowhatta.

Away from the silent calmness of the sacred mosque lies the noise of the busy market. Sultan Sikandar was the original creator of the mosque in the 1400s. The Mosque was built in a classic style of Saracenic - Indo manner.  The courtyard of the original structure was extended by Zain Ul Abidin.


The South East of Srinagar boasts of the Takht e Sulaeman Hills and The hill is crowned by the holy Shankracharya Temple. Tracing its lineage to 250 years before Christ, This temple is believed to be the staying place of the truth-seeker Shankaracharya who visited Kashmir to revive the original Sanatan Dharm.

Thiksey Monastery

Belonging  to the Gelukpa array, Thiksey Gonpa is indeed perhaps the most remarkable Monastery in all of Laddakh. Located at the distance of merely 20kms from Leh, The Nearest Airport, The Thiksey Gonpa was founded by Spon Paldan Sherab.  Dating back to the 1430 AD, The Monastery stands majestically overlooking the river Indus. The Gonpa also houses a total of 80 monks who reside here along with the holy peace.

Hari Parbat Fort

Commission by  Atta Muhammad Khan in the 18th Century, The Hari Parbat Fort boasts of its splendid gates which are named as Sangin Darwaza and the Kathi Darwaza, The Latter acts as the key  entrance. The wonderful design and architectural grammar of this fort is deeply influenced the classical Persian Style.  Standing majestically on the Hill of Shakira, The fort also houses a Durga Temple in its compound. 

Dhanidhar Fort

Mian Hathu, In the year 1855 commissioned the Dhanidar fort at Rajauri. Jaral Rajas;s ruins were the basic building blocks for this fort. Before the Muslims overtook the rule, The Palace housed the Pal Dynasty who were Hindus. Dhanidar Fort was particulary planned at aheigh to ensure that the whole valley was under a watch which ensured the Dogra dynasty didn’t cause any trouble.

Leh Palace

The Leh Palace is a fine example of the Laddakhi architecture and style. Placed high enough to facilitate a look of the entire city, This fort with 9 floors was commissioned in the name of King Singge Namgyal. Potola in Tibet is the closest in resemblance with this edgy palace. Before being sent on an émigré in 1830s, The Leh Palace was the house of the Laddakh;s Royal Family. The ASI now handles the Palace complex entirely which also houses a huge victory tower.

The Leh Palace is without any doubt set to redefine one’s perception of beauty.

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Forts and Monuments
Forts and Monuments
Forts and Monuments
Forts and Monuments
Forts and Monuments
Forts and Monuments

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