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The irresistible temptation of delectable, authentic cuisine of Jammu and Kashmir is something that no food lover can afford to miss. Unlike traditional North Indian cuisine, the specialty in Jammu and Kashmir is rice and lip-smacking non-vegetarian delicacies, which typically dominates the cuisine here. During gala festivals and celebrations, a sumptuous variety of exquisite delicacies are simply unimaginable. Savoring delicious, authentic Jammu and Kashmiri cuisine add a distinct charm to your travel. With a wide spread of endless courses, delectable spices, and unique cooking techniques, the experience is immensely intriguing that you will cherish in your heart, forever.

Non-Vegetarian Delicacies

Non-vegetarian delicacies dominate the cuisine in Jammu and Kashmir that you will love to relish. Wazwan, the sumptuous 36-course grand feast, is a sure no-miss. It encompasses almost thirty varieties of non-vegetarian delicacies, which are presented by the masters of the unique art of cooking. With such exclusive varieties of dishes, you will be astounded to find originality and uniqueness in each of it to let you have a fantastic experience. One of the most popular dishes is rista, or meatballs.

Other lip-smacking delicacies that are served in Wazwan spread are Yakhni, Roganjosh, and Gushtaba. In starters, you will get an excellent variety of Tabak maze and Seekh kebabs, which are made of minced meat in a mixture of herbs and spices, roasted and fried in Tandoor till golden brown, crispy, and crunchy. The cuisine in Ladakh is somewhat different from that of other parts of the state, with high resemblance to Tibetan cuisine. Typically, the cuisine in Ladakh includes wheat, rice, yak butter, vegetable, fruits, millet, and dairy products.

Vegetarian Cuisine

Although finding authentic vegetarian delicacies in Jammu and Kashmir is little difficult, there are a few items that have not only been exceptionally popular in the state, but has taken the country under its charm. One of the most popular vegetarian delicacies here is Kashmiri Aloo Dum, where boiled potato is steam cooked in spices and herbs. Chaman, or cheese, is yet another popular variety in vegetarian cuisine. Catering to the distinct needs of the tourists, there are several restaurants now that serve mouth-watering vegetarian dishes to their guests.

After a sumptuous meal, nothing’s like savoring upon lip-smacking sweet dishes, some of which are specialties of Jammu and Kashmir. Firnee is the special sweet dish in the state that has become exceptionally popular across the country, but the real flavors lay at the heart of Jammu and Kashmir itself. In addition to these, there are different varieties of local snacks and breads to complete the vast Jammu and Kashmiri cuisine. This includes Baqerkhani, Sheermal, Tsochvoru, and Tsot. The exceptional variety of delicacies is something that you will seldom get anywhere. There are several renowned hotels and restaurants that are acclaimed for their exclusive Jammu and Kashmir cuisine, and you simply cannot resist the temptation to indulge into such a fantastic experience.

About What to Drink in Jammu and Kashmir

One of the most famous beverages to slurp upon is Khawa; black tea specially brewed with honey, cinnamon, and cardamom. Kashmiris love to relax upon a glass of Khawa in chilled, snowy evenings, celebrating and socializing. Another hot favorite is Nun Chai, a pink colored beverage made with special salt and served in Samovar. Nun Chai is typically served with Kashmiri breads such as Chochworu and Lawasa. If you are looking to relax upon wine and spirits, only the top-notch luxury hotels in Srinagar serve a fantastic variety of the same. However, in Ladakh and Jammu, you can find alcohol more readily than in Kashmir.              

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What To Eat And Drink
What To Eat And Drink
What To Eat And Drink
What To Eat And Drink
What To Eat And Drink
What To Eat And Drink

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