The erstwhile royal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar in his all regality called the state of Kashmir to be the heaven on this earth. Imposing mountains of the Himalyas, valleys whitened with Snow, beautiful people and clear and shining lakes are the describing words for this Indian Crown'. With an extraordinary beauty in its surrounding and altitude of the sky, Kashmir is undoubtebly one of India’s finest tourist spots. Famous for offering heavenly peace to the visitors, The Valley of Kashmir also acts as haven for adventure tourists and explorers. Kashmiri tourist cities and town are filled with gorgeous ponds, gardens with a sheen and flowered appearance and vertical mountain ranges . The region of Jammu being no different whereas the region of Ladakh borrows much of its culture from Buddhism, consequently the snowy hills protects the innumerable monasteries that have been present in the desert in the sky.

The stunning beauty of Mother Nature that surrounds the state of jammu and Kashmir is beyond the expectations of this world. People addicted to adventure and adrenaline rush brave the snow peaked mountains to bless themselves with this extra ordinary experience. The usually pleasant and cold weather of Kashmir invites the tourist from all across the globe who come here to surrender themselves to the divinity of the nature.With several valleys still unexplored in Kashmir, The tourist destination is a haven for those who seek the contrast between adventure and serenity

Take pleasure in each morsel of the journey whilst on your most savored trip to the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Arrive at many of the uppermost point of the globe that stands majestically in Kashmir.

Various Hill Stations in Jammu & Kashmir


With a daunting height of 2,740 m, Sonmarg, is one the highest located hill station in Kashmir. Sonmarg is perhaps the only habitable spot prior to the Zoji La pass which leads into the region of Ladakh . once you pass the green and fertile countryside of the Kashmiri Valley, The view transforms to dry and desolate land of the region of Ladakh. Sonmarg is not only the point that leaks into the arid laddakhi region instead Sonmarg is the perfect haven for tourist who come here to seek the adventure of trekking. The course to Sonamarg passes all the way through the Sindh dell that tenders an unimaginable and another bewitching facade of the Kashmiri Landscape. Glorified at such a high level, Sonamarg is Kashmir’s own sapphire like sky.


The city fo Srinagar serves as the capital city for the state of Jammu and Kashmir and till date remains to be the pinnacle of tourism in the valley. Filled with Lakes all over the city, Tourist have thronged this city since many years. With the backdrop pf a humongous stature like the Himalaya, Sparkling lakes and glittering examples of Mughal Architecture, Srinagar’s landscape is priceless.


If you are planning to take an off from the regular issues of the world, this is the place for you. At a height of 2, 024 m, Patnitop soars up to the height from where the regular life lies way below. The pampas is bordered by impenetrable jungle and serves as an unbeatable spot for picnics and frolic. The grasslands of this place and Sanasar are shaped like the meadows of Gulmarg and are hence blessed with picnic spots. Colt ride in the hilly areas along with the adventure of trekking and all are just some of the fun activities here.


Situated in the district of Baramulla , The picturesque town of Gulmarg stands at a marvelous height of 2730 meters. The topography of the hill station has a gentle slope. Just 57 kms from the state of capital of Srinagar, Gulmard with its immense beauty lies at a touching distance from the LoC. Gulmarg's astonishing magnificence, primary setting and proximity to the capital Srinagar unsurprisingly makes this the major hill station in Srinagar. Sultan Yusuf Shah, the ruler after being bedazzled by the flowers and meadown of this place named it Gulmarg which was pfreviously known as Gaurimarg by the shepherd of the region.


River Lidder and the Shehnag river join at the immensely picturesque town of Pahalgam. Standing at an astounding 2,130 m, This tourist destination once was used by the shepherds and was just a simple village with astonishing views. Even in the scorching summer months of india, Pahalgam is always blessed with cool weather and the temperature always remains below 25 degrees Celsius. Pahalgam, abundant by numerous seats of attention and set between a couple of sharp hills, is worth visiting atleast once in an year. Surrounded by several villages, Pahalgam also has a village called mamal which houses a temple of lord shiva and is often considered to be Kashmir;s first temple.


Aru is a pampas encircled with a ravine on one particular side of it. Off the Lidder River, Aru and its valleys with shade are a treat to the eyes. Surrounding the town of Aru, stand the Conifer Mountains that stand in the foreground of strong and snowy peaks of the Himalyas. Idyllic and serene, Aru still is one of the finest jewel in the crown of India, Kashmir. In Aru petite hamlet with houses made by made by Stone and Wood stand. These buildings, are built in the characteristic Gujjar-shepherd style and sport roof that are flat and has , and stand in front of the hillside.

Dah and Hanu

Located at a distance of 187 kms from the City of Leh in Laddakh, Dah & Hanu are two places that lie across the river of Indus. Bounded with the immense Hindukush Mountain Range and populated by pools of vibrant yet tender natives who narrate extraordinary legends that have been donning the ears of tourist since ages now. Alive in approximately pure isolation, Dah & Hanu can only be reached by travelling a treacherous road that skirt a vertical mountain with the furious Indus flowing below.


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Hill Stations
Hill Stations
Hill Stations
Hill Stations
Hill Stations
Hill Stations

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