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Popularly known as “Paradise on Earth”, Kashmir is arguably one of the most beautiful states of India that experiences captivating climate all throughout the year. It is one of the few states of the country whose climate can be distinctively categorized into the four main seasons of winter, autumn, summer and spring. People have often compared the weather of Kashmir to that of Switzerland, with it snowcapped mountains and picturesque landscapes. Spring time in Kashmir is characterized by the traditional fresh flowers and leaves of spring.  The breathtaking scenic beauty and enchanting weather of Kashmir make it an eminent hub for tourism. Visitors are drawn to this state because of the mesmerizing charm offered to them. This also makes it one of India’s most popular holiday destinations.

Jammu & Kashmir sits on the India map like a jeweled crown, with its plethora of famous mountains and lakes. The state is a multi-faceted one, offering a different experience in every different season. However, one thing is common during all four seasons in Kashmir – the state never stops looking magnificently beautiful.

Jammu & Kashmir lies at an altitude of 32.17o to 36.58o north and an elevation of 305 meters to 6910 meters above sea level. The state boasts of both hot plains in the Jammu Providence and cold tablelands in Ladakh. Different parts of the state experience different climatic conditions owing to the lofty mountains like the Karakoram, the Zanskar and the Pirpanjal. These mountains keep the moisture-laden clouds from entering the dry areas.

Owing to its aesthetic beauty and being one the biggest contributor to the tourism sector of Indian, the state is rightfully one of the country’s most prized assets. The state’s unparalleled beauty attracts thousands of visitors all year round. It is often said that people looking to get a glimpse of what heaven would look like on Earth should certainly plan a trip to Jammu & Kashmir. However, in order to make the most of a vacation in the mesmerizing state, detailed information of the weather of Jammu and Kashmir would be useful to plan a trip accordingly.

Four Major Seasons

The state of Jammu and Kashmir enjoy all the four major seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season comes with its own set of characteristics and lends a different charm to the multi-faceted state.


The state comes alive during the spring season. The valley is flooded with blossoming trees and flowers like apple trees, cherry trees, pear trees, peach trees, daisies narcissi and pansies. These blossoming flowers and fruits release an alluring fragrance into the air.

The valley enjoys the season of spring during the months of March till the first week of May. Jammu and Kashmir look like a carpet of blooming flowers as greenery spreads across it. The season is typically characterized by temperatures ranging at 20 degrees Celsius and wind temperatures at 60 degree Celsius. The town of Srinagar experiences brief showers of rain during spring.

Spring season in Jammu and Kashmir is pleasant and is often compared to the weather of Switzerland. The state is wrapped in an emerald jacket of greenery and the blooming flowers add to the mesmerizing effect of the state. Gardens and parks are covered with fresh green grass and beautiful pansies and daisies. For people who want to enjoy the valley at its best and witness the state when it looks the most beautiful, springtime is an ideal time to plan a visit.


After the breathtaking spring season, Kashmir enjoys a pleasant summer when there is a slight rise in temperatures. However, even with higher temperature, the state never experiences heat of unbearable levels. The plain regions of India are known to experience extremely hot summers. Comparatively, summer in Jammu and Kashmir is unbelievably pleasant, and the temperatures are moderate at this time of the year too. There are plenty of ripe fruits during the summer season. The serene lakes, the pine forests and clam rivulets make Kashmir all the more appealing and inviting during this time of the year.

Summer sets in by the third week of May and lasts till the end of August. For people visiting Srinagar, a light woolen may be required even during summers. The temperature in this part of the state during summer ranges between 25 degree Celsius and 35 degree Celsius.

Jammu and Kashmir make for an excellent getaway for people looking to escape the scorching heat of summer in Indian plains. During summer, the entire valley is covered in a pastel shade of green complemented excellently by the blooming trees and flowers.


Autumn is said to be the most awaited season in the state. The entire valley turns to a beautiful shade of gold, and the red carpets of fallen leaves is a sight worth season. The season is known for its mellow fruitfulness and chilling mist. During the day, the temperature rises to a maximum of 23 degree Celsius, but the nights get pretty cold. Many tourists flock to Jammu and Kashmir during this time of the year to experience the sounds, smell and sights of this beautiful valley.

Autumn is often considered being Kashmir’s best season when the green becomes gold and the fallen leaves cover the land like a red carpet. The season sets in by September and lasts till November, though night temperatures begin dipping by October itself. Tourists visiting Kashmir during this time should carry heavy woolens.


Winter in the valley is characterized by extremely cold temperatures. The season sets in late November and the golden shade from autumn is replaced by a thick cover of white snow. In the absence of the green trees and blooming flowers, the blanket of snow during winter lends a completely different charm to the state as it continues to remain one of India’s most beautiful regions.

Winter begins in full swing in December and lasts till the first week of March. The town of Srinagar offers a completely different experience during this season. The best pass-time during this time of the year is watching the snow fall from the comfort of a well heated room. The snow-capped landscape is nothing short of a visual treat of heaven. Some hotels and houseboats continue to remain open during winters and practically all of them are centrally heated. Bukharis’ are specially used during this time of the year. These are Kashmiri stoves that are lit by wood and are quite effective during the cold winters in Kashmir. 

Overall in Short

Jammu and Kashmir enjoy four main seasons.

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