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Udvartana is one of the forms of famous Ayurvedic Massage of Kerala that involves body scrubbing using Ubtan that is a mixture of different natural herbs with grains. Unlike other massages, oil or any kind of liquid is not used in this form of massage. A paste is prepared using grains and various herbs which are used to massage the entire body to get therapeutic advantages. This Organic paste is having complete herbal properties as organic grains, herbs, flours and natural oils are used to prepare it. People with KaphaDosha usually go for this therapy. The paste is applied on the entire body using upward strokes in a particular manner by the specialists.
Udvartana therapy is also helpful in fat reduction especially from the sub cutaneous tissues of the body, from the abdomen and the inner thighs of the females. This therapy is processed in seven special positions for the purpose of fat reduction, giving the best results.

Apart from being effective in reducing fat, Udvartana also improves the lymphatic circulation of the body. The diseases like lymph drainage, eczema, edema, rosacea or acne can be cured by the Udvartana therapy. It helps inrefreshing the body as well as mind.

How Udvartana works?

Udvartana is an Ayurvedic therapy that is used to remove toxins from the body. It is helpful in relieving the skeletal disorders and muscular abnormalities. There are different therapeutic goals that are targeted by this therapy. The special herbal paste is applied to the entire body of the person getting the massage. The rubbing of the paste is done once it dries on the body of the recipient. The massager rubs the paste slowly on the body taking care that the strokes are directed towards the heart as to remove the lymphatic toxins from the body. The paste is penetrated deep inside the skin of the recipient. Once the massage with the herbal paste is over the whole body is smeared with herbal oil. The oil is rubbed on the body for some time. The duration of the massage is for about one hour and it is done regularly for few days. Usually duration of udavartana therapy is for one week.

Udvartana and Panchkarma

Udvartanatherapy has some common goals with the Panchkarma as well.The herbs penetrated in the body during this therapy aim at removing the sluggish lymphatic toxins of the body. The blood circulation is improved during this massage. The circulatory channels which are known as Shrotas in Ayurveda, get rejuvenated during this therapy. It is very beneficial for detoxification process of the Panchkarma. The Ayurveda does not fight directly with the disease but it aims to rejuvenate the entire system and establish order in the body and the Udvartana Therapy directs to this goal.

Health Benefits of Udvartana

The main benefit of Udvartana Therapy is AyurvedicShodahana that is a process of purifying and getting rid of toxins from various lymphatic channels and lobes. It is very helpful as it has various health benefits for nervous system as well as the blood circulatory system of the body. The muscular pains are relieved by this therapy and many skeletal problems can also be cured. The most important benefit of Udvartana therapy is bodyrevitalization and rejuvenation.

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