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Pregnancy Massage

In orderrevitalize the body, get rid of the joints and muscular strains and to improve the circulation of the body, the technique of pregnancy massage is very effective. According to the studies this massage therapy also helps to reduce the depression. The pregnancy massage has many advantages that providevarious benefits to the body. This massage completes most of the process of standard massage to make the body relax including improvement of circulation, mobility, tension of the muscles, and sore spots. For this technique, the trainer should be aware of the adjusting system for the pregnant woman as there are lots of changes occurring in the body at that time. Women who undergo this massage can feel their body and mind relaxing and rejuvenating. According to the studies, this massage can make the muscle relax and also decreases the circulation of the stress hormones. During pregnancy, the circulation of blood should be good and this massage technique help in this and also it helps to flush out the toxins from the body and make the lymphatic system work properly. Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, women have the feeling of solitude and the techniques used during this massage helps in building connection between the mind and the body that results in a blissful feeling developing within oneself.

For the pregnant woman, this pregnancy massage also helps to reduce joint pain, leg cramping, sciatica, provides relief from insomnia, and helps to make the woman relaxed. The very common problems during pregnancy like sinus congestion, headache, swelling of hands and feet are also cured through this massage technique.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

The Pregnancy massage therapy helps in improving the health of the fetus and also enhances the outcomes of labor along with relieving the joints and muscle pain, reduces the depression and anxiety.

There are different techniques of massages including Swedish massage, that includes the application of pressure over different muscular groups to reduce the muscle tension and to improve the circulation of blood and lymphatic system in the body. The Swedish massage is recommended during the pregnancy as it gives ease from various symptoms developed during pregnancy leading to skeletal and circulatory problems.

Hormone Regulation

As per the studied that had been carried out for more than ten years, when this massage therapy is introduced to the pregnant woman, then the level of the hormones changes. This help in reducing stress and providing ease as it effects the cardiovascular system of the body, thus making a positive change in the mental state and mood of the pregnant lady.The stress hormones named cortisol and norepinephrine are decreased in the woman undergoing this massage biweekly for about 5 weeks and the anti-depressive hormones named serotonin and dopamine areincreased asa result of this massage therapy. There will be some complications related to birth weight of the fetus. With the prenatal care, this massage therapy is given to make health benefits to the mother and the baby as well.

Reduction of Swelling

Due to the heavy uterus, there is increased pressure on the blood vessels and circulation is reduced resulting in swelling and edema of the joints at the time of pregnancy. To reduce the fluid collection in the joints, this massage therapy will be helpful and this also improves the lymphatic system of the body and removes the wastes from the tissues.

Improvement of Nerve Pain

At the time of pregnancy, the uterus makes pressure on the lower back and the pelvic part due to which the woman experience pain of the sciatic nerve. As a result of this pressure, the lower and upper leg gets swelled making pressure on the nerves also. The inflamed muscles in the person will be relaxed by this massage therapy. Through this pregnancy massage, the pain of the sciatic nerve can be cured.
There are several benefits of this massage therapy:

  • Back pain gets reduced.
  • Join pain reduced.
  • Circulation improved.
  • Reduction of edema.
  • Headaches and tension of the muscles reduced.
  • Anxiety and stress reduced.
  • Circulation of oxygen in muscles and tissues improved.
  • Sleep gets better.

Precautions to be Taken During the Massage

If the woman wants to take this massage then she should consultwith her prenatal care provider. The professional should make the pregnant woman to know about the risks and benefits of this massage therapy completely in order to get good results or better prenatal care.

Body Position During Prenatal Massage

Lying aside is the best position during getting the massage therapy according to the professionals. Many professionals provide table with a hole in which woman set her uterus, but this is very risky as pressure is increased on the abdomen which can cause the uterine ligaments stretched.

Seek an Appropriate Massage Therapist

It should be mentioned that the massage therapist should be certified. The therapists with certification are aware of the training about the pregnancy massage at the national standards with knowledge of the sensitive body areas during the pregnancy time.

Be Aware of Sensitive Pressure Points

Only certified trainers have knowledge about all the points of pressure of muscles, ankles, wrists, and uterus. Only therapists with certification know about the pressures points that are avoidable during the pregnancy. A woman who could come across the contraction of Braxton-Hicks or preterm contraction should make her therapist aware of that to avoid the therapist to make pressure on such particular points.

The Health Provider Should be Aware about these Facts Before Providing the Massage:

  • Pregnancy at high risk.
  • Hypertension in pregnancy time.
  • Preeclampsia
  • Preterm labor previously.
  • Woman with headache, high blood pressure, or severe swelling.
  • Recent pregnancy.

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