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Reflexology is also known as zone therapy as it is based on the technique of applying pressure to various reflex areas known as the zones. It is a kind of massage that is done without using any lotion or massage oil. During this therapy, pressure is applied to hands, feet or ears using thumb, finger or some specific hand techniques. According to the reflexologists system of reflex areas is targeted in this therapy.There are total ten vertical zones in which the human body is divided by the reflexologists. Five lying at the left side and the other five lying at the right side. These reflex areas or zones reflect the body image on hands and feet. Pressurizing these areas subject the body to a desired physical change. Only some specific areas are targeted during this therapy. Pressure applied on hands, feet and ears during reflexology is with the purpose to develop a response at a far area with the stimulus developed via acupuncture meridians and nervous system. But according to a review of this therapy, it is concluded that the evidences available till date are not able to give any convincing demonstration of effectiveness of reflexology as a treatment for any medical condition. A kind of disagreement is found among the reflexologists regarding the technique of reflexology. It is considered that the some reflexes on the foot have a tally to certain areas of the body. Making some changes on these areas health of a person can be improved. Some medical professionals consider that in case of any serious ailment going for the reflexology therapy can delay the right medical treatment as reflexology may or may not be effective.

Types of Reflexology

Reflexology can be of four types depending upon the kind of technique used for the therapy:

Zone Therapy

It is the easiest form of reflexology. In this therapy pressure is applied on and off to feet and hand, on any one of zones among the five zones of reflexology. Each zone is linked to a particular area of the body and the treatment aims to balance all the zones.

Meridian Therapy

During this Therapy of reflexology, is considered to work by regulating the balance and flow of energy in the human body. There are many acupuncture points in the body which are stimulated during this therapy. This therapy helps in maintaining balance between mind, body and soul.

Universal Method

In this method the practitioners consider negative emotions and traumatic experiences to be the main reason behind many illnesses. These negative emotions are mostly addressed during the therapy giving a new dimension to the traditional reflexology.


It is popularly known as VRS and became popular in the year 1970. Inge Dougans, a Danish reflexologist played a great role in making this therapy popular.

Benefits of Reflexology

Usually, people experience the benefits from reflexology immediately. Few people may also experience some symptoms like weakness, fatigue; need to urinate, etc. once the therapy begins. But these symptoms are for very short duration and are vanished in the second session of reflexology.

Reduce the Stress–Reflexology Plays an important role in reducing stress which in itself is a cure to many ailments. Stress gives births to many diseases, according to the American Medical Association. Relieving the body from stress is a cure to many diseases. Reflexology massage relaxes the body that reduces stress. The EEG brain activity confirms that

Stimulates Nerve Function – Around seven thousand nerves of the feet are stimulated by reflexology. It has a positive impact on the nervous system and helps in reducing pain.

Improved blood Circulation–Blood circulation is very important for the physiology of the body as the blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells of various tissues and it also functions in removing the toxins as well as metabolic waste from the body. Reflexology improves the blood flow from heart to other body organs. Pumping of blood becomes comfortable as it relaxes the circulatory system.

Improved Immune power–The immune system of the body is induced during Reflexology. This helps in removing toxins from the body and endorphin production is increased, thus the immunity of the body is improved.

Aids Digestion – Reflexology also stimulates digestive system as there are various pressure points on feet and hands that are directly corresponding to the Digestive system. Many digestive disorders can be cured by this therapy.

Eases Pregnancy And Delivery – reflexology has a very positive impact on pregnant and delivering woman. It reduces postpartum depression, anxiety, urination and depression. The labor time of the women undergoing reflexology is comparatively less.

Increase in Energy level–This therapy energize the body and stimulates the revitalizing pathways.

Helps postoperative recovery– This therapy is helpful post-surgery as it helps in relieving from pain and use of analgesic is reduced.

Relives Pain- The particular pressure points that are pressed during reflexologycorrespond to various joints, back and head. When pressure is applied by the reflexologist on these joints, it reduces pain and one can be relieved from the chronic pain, arthritis etc.

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