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Hot Stone Massage Therapy

The Hot stone Massage can be defined as a massage which uses smooth, heated and flat rocks placed at major points on the body. These stones are found to have been kept into a purpose-built Stone Heater full of water which is heated to 50-53 degrees Celsius. After heating these stones to a required temperature they are kept at the major points on the body of the person concerned. These parts may be hands or back etc. by the therapists.

It is believed that heat of these stones get penetrated deep into the tissues of the muscle which makes them relaxed 4-5 times quicker as compared to any standard massage of the body. The benefit is that it eases muscle tension and enhances blood circulation by revitalizing muscle tissue. This in turn improves the healing process and provides relaxation to the mental state.

Sometimes, a stone massage may take place with chilled stones especially marbles being used here. The stones are found to be kept in an iced water bowl. There are a number of techniques coming up in stone massage therapy such as Spa Rock, which is actually a heated rock being done electronically, but it is up to the therapist that which technique is he going to opt in what situation.

Importance of Hot Stone Massage

What Deep tissue massage has been doing for a number of years can be enhanced as well as quickened with a hot stone massage therapy. These basalt stones kept strategically on several pressure points in the body give an amazing experience of the massage and also releases tension. Like any other massage therapy, hot stone therapy also help in opening up the energy channels of the body, and reduces various health problems basically related to the muscles.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage include

Muscle Relaxation

Muscle relaxation is the major advantage of hot stone therapy because in this there is heat present in the stones gets penetrated deep inside and provide great relaxation. Basically in the cases like tense muscles or extremely tight or stiff muscles, there is hindrance found in the massage procedure so the heated stones provide the extra relaxation one may be requiring for the massage to prove its results and eases sore muscles as well as releases tension.

Pain Relief

It has been found that however all the massage therapies are meant to make one relax and do away with muscle tension but this is the most preferred massage by the therapists because of its intense nature. The heating of the stone creates miracle and helps the patient to recover in a more effective as well as quicker manner. It gives a better feeling unlike any other massage does. It is important to take into consideration that there should not be much pressure or pain or discomfort during the process of the massage otherwise it would have an adverse affect and might cause more harm to the patient.

Improved Circulation

The hot stone massage therapy begins in a way that the heated stones are allowed to rest on key points in the body before starting the typical massage procedure. As the heat from the stones starts penetrating deep inside the body tissues, the blood vessels get opened, which results in improved circulation delivering more oxygen to the muscles which ultimately supports easing pains and aches. If there is poor circulation it might cause fatigue, tensing the muscles, and a buildup of fluid and lactic acid in the muscles.

Mental Benefits

Massage therapy helps in mental benefits as well because the kind of relaxation one gets after massage provides calmness to the mind. The hot stone massage helps in doing away with some of the mental stress and tension. It combats the anxiety problems as well as depression. However, it cannot substitute traditional medical treatment or the psychiatric care, but still it plays a vital role in the treatment of the patient to a large extent.

Function of Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones are being kept on some trigger points of the body for increasing circulation as well as reducing inflammation. It is seen that the heat of the stone relaxes ones’ body after and during a massage treatment helping in enhanced tissue relaxation. Person experiences a feeling of calmness and releases his tensions very quickly. The deep tissue massage is also advantageous in various health problems. It also stimulates the nervous system and again relieves the person from stress, he might be going through.

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