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Aromatherapy Massage Therapy

There is another type of massage therapy being used in Ayurvedic system which has found some curable therapy potential called as Aromatherapy. It can be defined as a kind of alternative medicine which utilizes volatile plant materials, called as essential oils as well as other aromatic compounds meant for altering the mind of a person, cognitive function, mood as well as health. In other words, Aromatherapy is referred to as the treatment or prevention of disease using essential oils. There are a number of uses such as pain and anxiety reduction, improvising energy as well as short-term memory, body relaxation, preventing hair from loss, along with reduction of itching caused by eczema.  According to a survey, there are vital essential oils like tea tree which comprise of anti-microbial effects. However as far as bacterial or fungal or viral infections are concerned there is no clinical evidence found. There are not many studies being done regarding efficacy of aromatherapy and hence the medical treatments remain poor even today.

There are two major mechanisms which can describe the purported effects. The first one is the influencing aromatic effect on the brain, basically the limbic system taking place through the olfactory system while the second is the direct pharmacological effects of the essential oils. The aroma therapists sometimes become claimants of exact knowledge regarding the synergy going on between aromatic oils as well as the body although it is found that efficacy of aromatherapy is still found unproven today. One can get to see the positive results as a consequence of preliminary clinical studies in aromatherapy. The bottom line is that Aromatherapy does not cure conditions but supports in finding a natural way of curing and enhancing immune system.

Aromatherapy History

There has been found use of essential oils for the purpose of therapy which dates back to around 6,000 years. People of different countries like China, Egypt, India, Rome and Greece in ancient times used the aromatic flavors for preparations of cosmetics, drugs and perfumes. The use of essential oils is found to have therapeutic, spiritual, hygienic as well as ritualistic benefits.

It was in the era of 1980s that Aromatherapy started to gain popularity in US however at present, there are various lotions, beauty products and candles meant for the purpose of aromatherapy although some of these products consists of synthetic fragrances which obviously do not carry those benefits of essential oils.

Essential Oils

As per the formation of essential oils, these are basically concentrated extracts found in the various parts of plants such as roots, seeds, leaves etc. and every part comes with its own benefit by containing mix of active ingredients which is the deciding factor for the kind of disease this oil should be used for. These oils help in healing physical injuries, swelling or several infections caused by fungus.  These aromatic products help in calming the atmosphere to make people relax with pleasant smell. It would be interesting to know that these aromas can be felt in the nasal cavity, and hence emotions are created accordingly. It has been proved that there are physiological as well as psychological benefits provided by aromatherapy. It helps in controlling heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, memory, hormone balance and stress levels which itself is related to the nasal cavity.

Aromatherapy Benefits

As described earlier, Aromatherapy treatments provide physiological and psychological benefits. The massage done with essential oils helps in soothing, uplifting and revitalizing the spirit. It encourages positive thinking to improvise the immune system.

Physiological Benefits

Aromatherapy massage can improve lymphatic drainage helping to lessen fluid retention as well as preventing oedema. It also helps in stimulating the natural immune system of the body. Besides this, it induces body relaxation and restores balanced body. It enhances energy levels, oxygen level and provide nutrients to the tissues and increases blood circulation.

Psychological Benefits

Aromatherapy massage can lessen nervous tension as well as depression and uplifts the mood by making it calm and keeps the mind soothing. It promotes a general state of well being.

Some Common Oils Used are:

The Eucalyptus oil is useful in congestion or colds, lavender oil relaxes the body, whereas Frankincense oil helps in calming the nightmares and emotions. There is Geranium oil meant for menopausal problems & PMS however pepperemint oil increases the energy levels. There is Lemongrass oil being used in sore and injured muscles. The oil taken out from Tea tree helps in the form of an effective disinfectant, basically, anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal.


  • Never use hard or painful pressure. However, hard pressure provides good feeling but still gentle movements are safe and hence advisable. Never massage on bones directly or on the fractured areas.
  • Never massage the infected or injured areas.
  • Do not give massage to the abdominal area of a person having stomach issues or who is pregnant.
  • Never massage the person having blood clots.
  • Do not give massage with undiluted essential oils, nor with absolutes nor CO2s as they are harmful for the skin.

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