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Government Souvenir Shops In Kerala

Kerala is one the most exotic places in the world and famous for its varied ,attractive and hand- made souvenirs .Its treasure trove of beautiful handicrafts and expert Artisans specialize in a host of art forms, including textiles, weaving , painting, woodwork, metalwork , mask making and coconut art . Kerala souvenirs come in a wide range of attractive and unique handmade items. The popular ones like the Aranmula Kannadi (metal mirror); Handicraft products made from cane, wood, coconut shells and clay; handmade products like the famous Kasavu Saree(golden border saree) and mural paintings are invaluable mementoes to be purchased  and cherished as memories. The raw sandal wood idols of Hindu Gods or elephants or many more are readily available in the market. In fact, its souvenirs including masks represent the culture and socio-religious thinking of the people.

About Kerala Souvenirs

Souvenirs are meant to cherish memories of one's visit to different places and all the memorable incidences in life. These occurrences can be numerous and different. And if travel and trips are considered, souvenirs mean a lot and have an emotional value attached to it, and that too when the travel destination is as exotic as Kerala.
Kerala is known for its ultimate handicrafts among other beautiful art pieces. People of Kerala are known for the different art forms they are specialized in. These art forms include painting, metalwork, woodwork, textiles, weaving, mask making and the art using coconuts

Souvenirs that are Best to be Carried Back from Kerala.

Coir products/Coconut shells

Coconut is one of the fruits found in plenty in Kerala and coconuts are used whole. The shells of the coconut is durably hard and thus a very high skill set is needed to carve artistically on the shells of coconut. The shells of coconut are used in making various art forms like spoons, nut bowls, snuff boxes, cups, powder boxes and flower vases etcetera. Big boxes and hookahs are created by mixing brass bindings with shells of coconut. Various toys and Barbie dolls are made using the fibres of coconut shells, that are first cleaned and then smoothened to get the perfect texture and form. The craft of coconut is mainly done in Calicut city.

Products made from Sandalwood

Sandalwood or rather the raw form of sandalwood is known to be among the most expensive of all woods in the whole wide world. Sandalwood is utilised in making artefacts in wide variety in the state of Kerala. Famous work of art includes decorated boxes, ashtrays, wooden toys, Kathakali dance positions etcetera. The replicas of the popular snake boat racing in Kerala are also in demand souvenirs. Sandalwood is not just used in carvings but it also holds the key to natural cosmetic treatments like the paste of this wood is great for facial skin and its oil is used to manufacture perfumes. This trade is mainly done in Trivandrum, Ernakulam, Trichur, and Cochin.

Artifacts made of Metal

One of the traditional industrial arts of Kerala is the Bell-metal casting. It includes two different forms of arts mainly one is making of Idol in brass bronze and copper and the second one is making of lamps. Other similar art forms made from bell-metal are incense burners, cosmetic boxes, and small boxes for the purpose of storage. One of the other popular examples is the Aranmula 'metal mirror'. The metal is crafted in a manner that the surface is shinier like a mirror and can be used as one too.

Masks (Hand Painted)

The exclusive range of masks handmade, worn and displayed here in Kerala depicts the rich culture of the Kerala. The masks may be of different forms comprising animal masks, human masks, dance form masks as well as god masks. Masks usually symbolize totem symbols and are kept outside the home to define its importance as a costume in dance performances. The artworks on the mask are basically fixed on the six different features of face being eye-brows, lips, nose, eyes, cheeks, lips and chin. The expressions depend on the prominent feature.

Traditional Kerala sarees in gold and white

The 'Kasavu' Sari of Kerala is a cultural handloom sari that is made of pure cotton, the color being creamy white or pure white, with detailed or simple gold border artwork done on its pallu. Kasavu saris are hand weaved. The border or Kasavu is made by dipping thread in real gold and then interwoven to create intricate borders or animal shapes or sometimes simple border. An original Kasavu is priced at a minimum of rupees 900 and is available in as high as 10,000 rupees for more intricate borders in heavy gold thread. The best part about these sarees are that they are durable and don’t wear out in time. Almost all women in Kerala have one Kasavu saree as it is considered to be the simplest and the most basic of all the clothes in a women’s wardrobe.

Government Souvenir Shops In Kerala

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