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The very introductory version of Kerala buses emerged in the form of a saloon type body, apt for 23 people. The model embraced a first class enclosure and had rear entrance arrangement for passengers to board or to disembark.

Bus operational timetable, along with its various stoppages and fares as fixed by erstwhile authorities, was circulated by way of publication. This triggered the idea to optimize the attributes of this bus service by including parcel service with it. Subsequently, many people benefitted with parcel service as they could send their important documents, articles and properties to outstations. Government appointed specific individuals as agents for assisting people in sending their parcels.

Kerala bus service initiated with only three routes early on – the Thiruvanthapuram-Nagercoil, Nagercoil-Colachal and the Nagercoil-Kanyakumari. These three routes opened up for bus service on 21st February 1938 were managed by way 39 buses. KSRTC bus strength grew to 665 by the year 1965 and is seen even added up with 3944.

This growth over the years is something to take pride in, in addition to their timeliness, dependability, and robust bodies. This has been their prime objective behind service the customers. Such recognition of KSRTC has earned it immense popularity in India today, and this service excellence is always remembered because of a customer oriented team. With such consistent growth, corporation’s commitment to implement even better standards in customer service also has enhanced.


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