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Village Life Experience In Kerala

Kerala is extremely popular for its panoramic and scintillating views. The fun filled beaches, backwaters and adventurous sanctuaries make it one of the best place to spend your vacation. Kerala is a quiet place and offers great experience to the visitors. You will be amazed to know that villages also constitute an important tourist attraction in Kerala.

You will love the life style of people living in village. They live a laid back and scheduled life unlike the fast life in the city. The village people live a simple and hassle free life and seem to happy with whatever they have.

The village people are more traditional and add a definitive cultural dimension. These people follow ancient traditions and live their lives according to a prescribed pattern. One can revisit the old ear through these places.

The tourists visiting Kerala are more inclined towards the village life due to its culture rich background. You can easily find a number of activities while visiting the villages in Kerala. Tourist consider it to be one of the most prominent attractions of Kerala.

Village life comprises of the main backbone of the state in India. The old traditions that were followed in Kerala have been lost in the busy city life. However, with the help of these villages, one can experience  these traditions. the village people consider family to be of foremost importance. In the village life, the males and females have their separate line of work. Males go out to work in factories and agricultural lands while females take care of the household’s chores. During the season of harvesting the crops, the females accompany the males in the crop fields. The old people also hold an intrinsic place in rural Kerala.

Industries are located in rural parts of the state just like the cities. Village industries comprise of small handicraft and handloom units. However, the rural Kerala also has many small scale industrial unit like handloom, marine products and wooden work. The villages are surrounded by lush greenery with coconut as major vegetation. Main food item for the people of Kerala are fish curry and the tapioca.

There are several good hotels in the cities but you may not find any hotels in rural Kerala. So if you are looking to visit the villages, you have to travel from the city. It is also advisable that the tourist should stay in the cities or the towns rather than rural areas. Hotels are available according to the budget of the visitors. You can easily find expensive as well as budget hotels in the cities. The visitors can also hire residential apartment in the close proximity of the village. These apartments are available at affordable cost and all basic amenities.  The villages in Kerala offer a mesmerizing experience to the visitors through its natural flora and fauna.

Some Activities that you can do while on the Village Tour

Coir Making

In ancient language, Kerala means the land of coconut. Coir is made from the coconut fiber which is extracted from coconut husks. The husk attracted from the coconut tree contains a high percentage of fiber which can be made into strong threads. These threads are used in making mats and other handicrafts. To make the coir, the soak the husk of coconut in the salt water and cover it in the mud after soaking. These husks are extracted after a period of nine months and then send to the threshing compound. The husks which have been retted are pounded as well as crushed by the ladies. These ladies with the help of mallets or the machetes pull the husk to collect the fiber which are further sent for spinning and drying. The coir is then dried and collected by the spinner. The spinner uses a wheel with a gear and spinning axle for creating a yarn thread which is then used in making mats and other types of handicrafts. You can watch the whole process of making the choir by female workers. Choir making is one of the most important task for the people of rural Kerala since it is the main source of livelihood.

Traditional Canoe Fishing in Backwaters

The people of Kerala still practice the traditional fishing methods in backwaters. The fishermen catch the fishes with the help of fish hook. A canoe is thrown in the middle of the water to catch the fishes using the net or the fish hook. Fishing is considered as the main occupation of the people who live near the backwaters on Kerala. These people catch prawns, crabs, freshwater lobsters, clam and the oysters. You must taste the pearl spot fishes to experience the real persona.

Toddy Trapping

The local liquor of Kerala is called toddy and is extracted from the coconut palms. You can climb to the top of the tree to extract the madura kallu which is used in making toddy. You must try having it in the authentic Kerala way to enjoy it to the fullest. One can also take it with karimeen pollichathu or the fresh water fish and pickles to make it more enticing. Toddy is the most preferred drink in rural areas of Kerala. You can add this to your activities.

Paddy Field Walk

Walking through lush paddy fields will give you an exceptional experience. You can walk through the hand built narrow dykes which creates a separation amidst the fields. You will surely find yourself lost in the lush green and panoramic views but remember to watch for the slushy passages.

Visit at Nalukettu and Kavu

you can include the tour of the village Nalukettu and Nalu while visiting the rural parts of Kerala. These villages are than 350 years old and hold and intrinsic place for the people of Kerala. The ancient architecture reminds of the traditional Kerala designs that were practiced in the ancient times. the traditional hindu family resides and makes a visit to the Kavu which is also known as the sacred grave. The snake god resides at this place along with his family.

Country Boat Cruise

the country boat is the perfect option of you are looking to learn more about the people of rural Kerala. This tour will be of great help in understanding the rural life of the people of Kerala. The people living near the backwaters have their own cultural values and lifestyles. They believe in traditional methods of life. Taking a country boat to these places will surely make your trip more memorable. The Chinese fishnets and the paddy fields present a panoramic view from the country boats. You can also witness the local people making coir products in their houses. The rustic homes and the ever influential coconut palms adds more beauty to these villages. Drifting along these waterways in the country boat will surely make your trip more memorable.


If you opt for cycling tour of Kerala, you get the pure mix of backwaters and sandy beaches. It is the best way to make the most out your village tour since you can see everything up close. Cycling is considered to be one of the most enjoyable activities while touring in Kerala.

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