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Deep Tissue Massage

To relieve the harsh tension in the fascia or connective tissues and in the muscles, this Deep Tissue massage is basically meant for. This deep tissue massage is given to the patients who sustained any physical injury, or individuals doing physical work like athletes or for persons who have continuous pain in their muscles. For about a day or two day, this muscle pain is shifted to another muscle after the deep tissue massage as rumors said.

This therapy of deep tissue massage is basically used to cure the disorders of muscles and to give relief with the use of the techniques set for massage by the Ayurveda specialists. The term deep tissues should not be taken as the term deep pressure as both the terms are quite different.This massage of deep tissue is applied on fascia, muscle layers and superficial muscle layers. Due to the focused purposeful work, the session of this massage is quite strong. The sessions of Deep Tissue Massage are counterproductive. The massage cannot be completed in a single session because by doing so, the risk of muscular injury or nerve trauma is more.

Deep Tissue Massage Techniques

Notes on Strokes

During the Deep Tissue massage, the massager moves the hands slowly towards the heart. The strokes on the limbs are long and relaxing. This is helpful in circulating the blood in the whole body and draining the fluid into the torso. Usuallythese strokes do not cause pain but sometimes they may be uncomfortable. If in any case the receiver is experiencing the pain, the massager should lighten up the pressure and start massaging the other part of the body. This massage should be taken only after recommendation in case of any injury. The results of the massage could be severe if taken without any recommendation from the professional.

Warm Up the Tissue

First of all the tissues should be warmed just before the deep work application. Getting the hot shower or heat pack is the easiest way for warming up. The tissues can be warmed with the slight compression if heat pack is not available. After pressure most of the times, heel of the hand should placed on the areas affected to make the muscle compressed. This therapy improves the blood circulation and the tissues get flexible.

Long to Small Strokes

Moving from long strokes to short strokes is the basic rule to start the massage therapy. Like, in orderto start the massage oil application over the back is done. Without any gap, the hands heel should be started from the neck down towards the buttocks with a single stroke. This application should be repeated several times proceeding towards the longer strokes.


Basic source for the muscle treatment is friction. The muscles that are painful or damaged are used to cure through this technique. To press the affected spot, the fingers should be used. As tilted, the more pressure should be applied.

After being aware about the correct point, the fingers should be moved back and forth like the guitar strings are plucked. This activity is helpful in pointing out the damaged tissues. The better source to perform this massage without any disturbance is communication with the person on whom the massage is being applied.If the pressure is too hard then the recipient will definitely feel the pain in this friction technique.

Finishing the Massage

This technique of friction helps to heal the muscles that are damaged and also this will be helpful in the spasm of the muscle and to lose the adhesions of the muscle. When the friction applied, then the massager should apply the hand heel on the area moving toward the heart point. The motion should be in circular manner to smoothen the affected area to cure the rest of the damage and make the blood circulate properly in that area.

Health Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Release Muscle Tension

Through this technique of deep tissue massage, one can get the long lasting relief if suffering from the muscle pain, cramps, or strained tension of the muscle. A proper pressure should be applied on the areas that are affected that enhance the blood circulation to get the muscle loosened and the person got relief. This technique is used basically to cure the athletes that had injured muscles.

Increased Blood Circulation

In this technique of deep tissue massage, a proper amount of set pressure should be applied by the therapist on the body with his forearms, hands, and elbow to cure the deep muscles inside. This therapy releases the toxins from the body and also enhances the circulation of oxygen and blood in the body. This will lead to the healing of the body. It is better to drink more water to help release the more toxins from the body.

Increased Body Motion

To unlock the muscles that are strained or locked, this therapy of deep tissue massage is very helpful for the patients who have arthritis or muscle stiffness. To make the movement of the muscle easier, the muscle area that are affected will be stroked with continuous pressure to loosen the muscles. This therapy is basically useful for the athletes as they have overused their muscles regularly.

Improved Body Posture

The patterns of the muscles were unseated in the body through this technique of deep tissue massaging. The posture of the body can be corrected through the elongation of the tissues of the muscles if this technique is done correctly. The posture of the body is improved through this process. Due to long seating, if any person has some deformity in the back muscles then it could be also treated by the deep tissue massage.

Improve Emotional Health

The spa and the process of massages give relaxation to the entire body. Through the warm touch, a positive energy moves in whole body by the hands of the therapist through which the tension of the tendons, fibers and tissues of the muscles got unlocked. The recipient feels comfort and ease.

For the patient suffering from the tendonitis and fibromyalgia, this deep tissue massage is very helpful. Because of this great technique and better result, this process can be more accepted by the athletes as they are usually having muscle strains or other problems.

Because of the application of the pressure, this process is slightly difficult to tolerate by the patients. This massage is sometimes useless as the soreness to some areas is severe. This soreness can be evaporated if the process of this massage will be applied in correct manner giving a healthy feeling.

Precautions to be Taken

This Massage is not Good for Some Particular People:

  • The persons with open wounds, rash, or skin disease with infection.
  • The person who has a recent surgery.
  • The person who had radiation or chemotherapy. Such patients can go for this massage only f advised by the Doctor.
  • The recommendation of doctor will be demanded for the people suffering from osteoporosis.
  • Not used in case of blood clots as dislodging resulted. You should take recommendation of doctor for massage if you are a heart patient.
  • Massage should be recommended by doctor only for the pregnant woman. Only therapist who had certification in pregnancy massage can be recommended for this in pregnant woman.
  • The persons with fractures, abdominal hernia, inflamed skin, bruises, tumors, or open wound should not try this massage therapy.

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