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Helpline Numbers are considered to be a real blessing for people when they face problems from various quarters. These helpline numbers operate 24/7 and offer continuous support to the people who do not hesitate to reach out for guidance at any time during the day. Every major city in Kerala has unique helpline number that the people can reach out if they face any kind of problems in their locality. It is advised that residents must have these helpline numbers handy with them every time so that they do not feel stranded during crisis situations. People who are left clueless in the city, women who feel threatened by certain men, residents who want police help to safeguard themselves etc. are some examples where people can resort to these helpline numbers for timely guidance of help and support. These helplines are operated by professionals who specialize in specific groups on whom citizens can bank on during crisis situations.

 1. Thiruvananthapuram City: 100/0471-2331843
 2. Thiruvananthapuram Rural: 100/0471-2316995
 3. Kollam: 100/0474-2746000
 4. Pathanamthitta: 100/0468-2222226
 5. Alappuzha: 100/0477-2251166
 6. Kottayam: 100/0481-5550400
 7. Idukki: 100/04862-221100
 8. Ernakulam City: 100/0484-2359200
 9. Ernakulam Rural: 100/0484-2621100
 10. Thrissur: 100/0487-2424193
 11. Palakkad: 100/0491-2522340
 12. Malappuram: 100/0483-2734966
 13. Kozhikode City: 100/0495-2721831
 14. Kozhikode Rural 100/0496-2523091
 15. Wayanad: 100/04936-205808
 16. Kannur: 100/0497-2763337
 17. Kasargod: 100/04994-222960

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