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Pizhichil is one of the remedies used in Ayurveda for relaxation. It is a part of the famous Kerala Massage that is very effective for illnesses like sexual weakness, limbs emaciation, nervous weakness, vata imbalances, hypertension etc. This treatment is given using exclusive traditional techniques that involves an oil massage complicated with the heat treatment. This treatment is also known as the Treatment of Aristocrats as it was very common among the kings during the ancient period.  It is a very effective therapy for relaxations using Ayurveda remedies.

The technique of this remedy involves soft massage of the body using the warm herbal oils. These oils are constantly flown on the body in a very slow and synchronized manner. The application of the warm oils is done using a cloth which is soaked in the oil. There is a special chair for this therapy on which the person undergoing the remedy is made to sit. The oils having medicinal significance are applied to the entire body and head. Another ayurvedic therapy known as Shirodhara is also used during Pizhichil wheneverrequired. The person has to lie down during the Shirodhara else Pizhichil is done in a sitting position.

Benefits of Pizhichil

Relaxation And Health

This therapy is very helpful in getting rid from depression and helps relieve anxiety. The blood pressure is regulated and one can get rid of the body pains.


It is helpful in treating neurological disorders, sexual weakness, reducing symptoms of artheritis, rheumatic diseases and paralysis.


Many women go for this therapy as it helps in keeping the skin young and glowing and also prevents aging.

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