Kochi (formerly Cochin) is one of the oldest, largest and most influential cities of Kerala with its iconic images of hanging fishing nets. The city is primarily a port city and comprises of port islands and the mainland - Ernakulam. Kochi is the starting point of any tour of Kerala and has become one of the favored tourist destinations in Asia.

Historically, the first western colony in the Indian subcontinent was set up in Cochin (Kochi) by the Portuguese colonists, which remained the center of their power for some time, but later, was controlled by Dutch and British. The mention of the busy Cochin port is in many memoirs and accounts of old travelers as it was the starting point of the all important spice trade and it was in its early celebrity that the city got its nickname as the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’. The rich and varied history of the city along with its unique culture of over many centuries is the essential appeal of Kochi. Today, Kochi is the largest metropolitan area of Kerala as it is a major center for business, industry, education, administration, transport and defense in South India.

Climate and Best Time to Visit

  • March – June is Summer and the temperatures may reach up to 370 C. The weather remains hot and humid and outdoors can be tiresome.
  • July – September is the Monsoon. The rains are heavy and at times continuous. Humidity in the air is over 90 percent all season.
  • October – February is Winter. The average temperatures are around 170 C to 300 C, facilitating pleasant temperate climes. This is the best time to visit Kochi and the rest of Kerala in general.

Attractions of Kochi


The Cheenavala or Chinese Fishing Nets have become the icons of Kochi. These are the permanent landmarks of Kochi Fort Beach.

Santacruz Basilica

This is the oldest cathedral in all of Asia, built by the Portuguese colonists in the year 1502. Today the Basilica is a primary Latin Christian church and office of the second Catholic Diocese of India. The tourists can look at the many historical artifacts like paintings, sculptures and the overall architecture of the landmark.

Dutch Place

A Dutch gift to Veera Kerala Varma – the Cochin Maharaja in 1568, is a classic example of Dutch architecture. There are many artifacts of historic and cultural significance, along with the Cochin throne and other royal paraphernalia.

Paradesi Synagogue

This is the very first synagogue built on Commonwealth land in 1568, making it the oldest on the Indian subcontinent; it was the center of the Jew community in India. Many relics of Indian-Jews are displayed here.

Pallipuram Fort

Built as a Portuguese fort in 1503, this is the oldest colonial fort in India. It has now become a museum with a heritage status with the Indian government. The exhibits and views form the various vantage points from this fort are very fulfilling.


The two villages of Kumbalangi and Malipuram, are villages that run an eco-tourism program. Kumbalangi is India’s pilot eco-tourism project and together with Malipuram it offers tourists with unique experiences like canoeing in the mangroves, witnessing an authentic rural lifestyle and so on.

Cherai Beach

It is the scenic courtyard of Kochi, with its golden beach, palm-filled greenery overshadowing the nearby backwaters. It is a center for many water sports and boating in the backwaters of the Cherai beach is very pleasant.

Get In

By Air

The International Airport at Kochi (Cochin) is has fights to all the international hubs as well as all the major Indian cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, etc.

By Railway

The Ernakulam Town Station and the Ernakulam Junction are the two railway stations in Kochi. Both the stations are in the mainland and trains connect them to all the main cities in Kerala and rest of India.

By Road

Kochi has good road connectivity to all of South India and hence India. The state-run bus service is an excellent means of getting to big and small towns in Kerala and major cites of other neighboring states.

By Sea

Being a port, there are many cruises and yachts that take tourists to popular destinations like Goa and Mumbai along the western coast of India.

Get Around

By Bus

City-bus services in Kochi have a dense network and are convenient means of getting around the city. These buses are different from the statewide bus service, which has its own bus stands.

By Taxi and Auto-rickshaws

Popular among the locals for traveling longer distances in the city the taxis are fast and comfortable, with many cab companies operating in the city. For shorter distances, the auto-rickshaw is more convenient other than being cheap and reliable.

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