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Travelling Tips While Visiting In Kerala

In order to make your holidays a fascinating experience, one needs plan it accordingly. Effective planning helps in making the trip a remembering experience. So it becomes inevitable that one should enquire about the places of major attraction before visiting the place in person. If you are planning to visit Kerala, it is essential that you should follow some specific guidelines on traveling to make your trip even more enticing. Some of the major points that one must remember while travelling to this exotic place are listed below. Just follow them and make your trip, a memorable one.

General Tips


One must know that there is no restrictions on keeping foreign currencies so you can carry as much as you want.


The national banks in Kerala operate with same timings. The banks start operation at 10 am in morning till 2 pm in noon. On Saturdays, the timings are limited to 12 pm.

Best Time to Visit Kerala

If you are planning to visit Kerala, then October to April are the best months. One can also visit this place during monsoon season to have a glimpse of Ayurveda transformation programs.

Travel Wear

Visitors generally wear cotton clothes while visiting Kerala due to Humid conditions. It is also advisable that none should carry sun protection lotion or cream. Also , carry an umbrella for unexpected showers.

Credit cards

All major shopping centers, restaurants, hotels and Spa accept credit cards from all banks.Currency
Visitors have to use Indian rupee (INR) while travelling in Kerala


Use of drugs or any restricted substances is highly prohibited in the state.


Kerala is one of the most sought after tourist hub in India. The restaurants as well as hotels serve all types of cuisines to the tourists. Some popular cuisines include Chinese, Indian with traditional dishes from Kerala.


If you are planning to go out for sightseeing, it is better to take mineral water with you. drinking water from ponds or other sources of water is not recommended since it contains pollutants. One can find mineral water on all shops in Kerala.

Temple Codes

Before visiting any temple In Kerala, one must follow certain codes and guidelines. One cannot wear any type of footwear inside the temple. Entering the sanctum is highly restricted for everyone. The customs and guidelines are different in every temple so it is better to enquire before visiting the temples. The temples in Kerala are open for Hindu community only.


Travelers must have a thorough knowledge that nudity  is highly restricted in all public places in kerala including the beaches.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Kerala is famous for its Ayuveda treatment centers. If you want to visits these centers, then it is advisable that one must enquire about the authenticity.

Behavior in Public

One cannot show affection through kissing or hugging in Kerala

Wildlife Sanctuaries

If you are planning to visit the wildlife sanctuaries, then it is advisable to take permission from the authority.


One cannot smoke in public in Kerala

Emergency Number

control room ( Police department )- 100

fire brigade- 101

medical assistance (Ambulance)- 102

Police Helpline

When you are travelling on the highway- 9846100100

When travelling in railways- 9846200100


one can give tips according to their consent. There are no specific rules regarding tips in Kerala. Some visitors give generous tips while other do not. So it solely depends on your experience. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can simply make the payment for service. People of Kerala are more inclined towards good behaviors rather than tips. If the visitors show them respect, it is enough for them. 

  • Generally, visitors pay tips to the waiters in restaurants. In normal circumstances, the tip should be around 10% of the total billed amount. If you are visiting a small restaurant, then you can give loose change. But in big restaurants and hotels, it is advisable to tip 10% of the total bill.
  • Tipping service is a common practice at hotels. You can give tips to the housekeeper, bellman and food service people. Anything around 20 to 50 rupees is ideal for them.
  • tips are not usually meant for transportation like taxi and auto rickshaws. But you can tip them if the trip was pleasant to your standards.

For Every Visitor

  • pack only necessary things since you can get most things locally.
  • Enjoy the taste of traditional Kerala dishes but from safe and hygienic places. One should always carry packaged mineral water with them at all times. never drink or eat from road side vendors.
  • The climate in Kerala is hot and humid so it is advisable to carry cotton and loose clothes. Sunglasses and Sun protection lotions are also advisable. When visiting a hill station, it is advisable to carry woolen clothes.
  • One must remember that the temples do not allow foreign tourists and non- Hindu people. The Hindus have to be bare chest and wear traditional clothes before entering the temple. Always remember to take off your shoes before entering the temple.
  • Since taking photos is restricted in many temples and sanctuaries in Kerala, the visitors must take permission before doing so.
  • Since Kerala is one the most sought after tourist destination in India, visitors must make prior bookings for transportation and hotels
  • The banks in Kerala operate from 10 am in the morning to 2 pm in afternoon. Banks remain closed on holidays
  • The best time to visits this exotic place is between months of October to march. During these months, the climate is enjoyable and tourists can witness some major festivals.
  • It is advisable that foreign tourists must save all their bills as well as vouchers since they can be required during the custom clearance.
  • One can contact police services by dialing 101 from any phone. Rescue and medical services are available at 102.
  • One cannot use drugs or any other restricted items in Kerala.

For International Tourists

  • Foreign nationals must carry their passport as well as VISA at all times. it is also advisable to carry an identity proof with yourself.
  • The tourists may have to declare their luggage when you board through the airport in Kerala. Although, the state does not put any restriction on the amount of currency but once may have to sigh the form if they are carrying more than 10,000 dollars.
  • Use credit cards or travelers cherub instead of cash.
  • One can avoid giving cash as all major hotels and restaurants accept international credit cards like master card and VISA.
  • It is also advisable to change the foreign currency in Indian rupee through authorized agents only. Good hotels provide foreign exchange service to the visitors. You can also arrange for these service by asking them to arrange them for you.  
  • Foreign tourists can stay for a period o 15 days to six months. If you want to extend your holidays then you may to apply at the registration office in advance.

Photography Tips in Kerala

one must take permission from the concerned authority before taking pictures of any public places. The government of Kerala restricts taking pictures of public places and monuments.

Hill Station Photography

Photographers must make sure that they carry a cover for their camera while visiting the hill stations. The climate is unexpected and one can experience rainfall anytime. The hill station have cold climate with high mist so it is advisable to clean the lens of your camera after you are done with the pictures. One can use clean cloth, hair dryer or sun light to clean the lens of their camera. Also make sure that you do not expose the camera to direct rainfall.

Forest Photography

If you are planning to take pictures in forest, it is advisable that you must wear the dress that closely resembles the colors of the forest. It is also advisable that one must wear green and brown clothes. It is also advisable that one must not run in front of the animals. If you are followed by any animal, try running in zig- zag pattern.  Adjust the shooting mode of the camera in order to take better pictures since the light inside the forest is dim and there are high chances of mist and rain.

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