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Arts Promotion Academies In Kerala

Kerala is known to be the epicentre of almost all the ancient forms of art, because of the popular belief that it is the god’s own domain. So it is totally natural, whether the gorgeous physical flexibility in its dance form is concerned or the blue and green palm trees. We can call it the grace of god that man has taken the full advantage of its natural beauty. There are numerous folklore institutions as well as kala academies that make the art of this state popular worldwide and proved that it is indeed the most talented of all in the country and people here are selfless in imparting the knowledge of their art which is contrary to what others do. The antique art forms are considered to be a gift from God to the citizens of Kerala. Kerala has rich and inherent beauty and people can easily connect with the exotic and marvellous heritage of the state and this is the reason why numerous autonomous bodies are being resurrected with a firm belief that the rich art and culture should be shared with everyone interested in it.

Description: a detailed description on the various Art and culture promotion academies in Kerala is provided below.

Kerala State Chalachitra Academy

This is a non profit organization working in guidance of the same name department of the state. This body was formed 1998 in the month of August the purpose being to publicize and popularize the visual media in state because visual media is something that is very impressive and dynamic. There was a monopoly in terms of the organization’s area of expertise and was founded on the advice of a research by an official of the government in the year 1970 that justified a country wide school


Mani bhavan ,VellayambalamShasthamangalam Rd.,Sasthamangalam,Thiruvananthapuram,Kerala 695010

Phone: 0471 2310323

Fax: 91-471-2310322

[email protected]

Kerala Lalita Kala Akademi

This is the state’s painting and drawing school and is an autonomous body constituted to publicize art and culture that was the initial point of characteristics of this state. C.N Balakrishnan has been recently appointed as the main administrator of the cultural body of state. In spite of the funding done by the state government, the working of the school is all self supported or autonomous by its very own rules and regulations.


Kerala LalithakalaAkademi,Chembukkav,Thrissur

Tel.91 4872333773

Email:[email protected]

Kerala Kalamandalam

This revered center of painting and dance is a huge place for undergoing courses in Indian Dance form, especially those forms which were progressed in the southern states creating a huge impression on the state.
It is set up in the local area basically the rural part of the prominent region of the state alongside river.


Deemed University for Art and Culture,Cheruthuruthy-679531

Telephone: 91+4884 262418, 262562,

Fax: 91-4884-262019


Email: [email protected]

Kerala SangeethaNatakaAkademi

This particular body is located in one of the most prominent place of the state. It was founded on April 26 1958, launched by the country’s head of government who was at that time the first prime minister of the country. The main motto of this body is to nurture and prune the various art forms of the state and to boost the unity of all the talented people in the state, thus serving the motto of all the talented people under one roof.

It has collaboration with the largest artistic organization situated in the country’s capital for the corroboration of India’s primeval heritage. There is also a local theatre in the district that has state of art infrastructure and all the modern equipments. The institute is inaugurating a creative place at Malayalam hub abroad on October 1st, 2010. The abroad place is the latest of its kind as a branch unit started by the school. The school is also considering the establishment of such centers in Arab countries as well as in metro cities in the country.


Kerala SangeethaNatakaAkademi,Chembukkavu

Thrissur-20,Kerala, India

Email  :[email protected], [email protected]

Kerala Folklore Akademi

This is a self supported school situated in one of the most popular places of the state. The body is the brain child of the state government and runs on the direction of the art section of the state government.

The school helps those who are financially week or are disabled with funding. The financial aid programs are done to promote as well as publicize the state art heritage of ancient times. The motive of this body is to improve and resurrect the diminishing drawing and dance methods of the state. The local talent school of state was founded on June 28 under the governance of artistic section of state and its capital. The academy encourages the original paintings and dance methods of the state.


Kerala Folklore Academi,KizhakkeKovilakam,Chirakkal (P.O.),Kannur

Pin : 670 011

Tel: 0497- 2778090

E-mail: [email protected]


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