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Kerala is undoubtedly blessed with impeccable diversity of different agriculture products and this is visible from the tempting cuisines of the state itself. The food is praiseworthy and delicious. The native people of this place are use to consume whatever their land and water provides. Keeping alive this tradition, maximum of the restaurants in Kerala provide home grown food which is also called their principal attraction.

The diversity of culture in Kerala is visible in its cuisine and this is owing to the assorted natural products, cultural & religious factors.

Whenever you go out for shopping in Kerala, your legs and feet will hurt for sure as there are numerous places from where you can shop. The below mentioned is the list of restaurants in Kerala that offer mouthwatering food which give an appropriate picturesque to experience the tempting exotic Kerala Food.

Food & Cuisine in Kerala

The agriculture products in Kerala are of different varieties owing to the geography of the state. The higher regions of the state have vast plantations of assorted aromatic cardamom and coffee, tea, pungent pepper and nutmeg. Turmeric, ginger, and clove are other plantations which one will find in lower heights. The midlands are abode to paddy fields, tropical fruits, vegetables, and tapioca. Cashew, bananas, jackfruits, drumsticks, and yam are part of Kerala’s rich produce. Paddy and coconut trees are cultivated in low elevated lands. Every agriculture product plays a vital role in making the cuisine of the state tempting.

The coconut trees together with its different products are significant part of the life of Kerala as the coconut forms a vital part of the daily diet of native people of Kerala. Sea food is the other food ingredient which forms a part of the traditional cuisine in Kerala. The native food of Kerala is rice and the more nutritious one is the unpolished one which is generally preferred by the people here. Rice is generally eaten in boiled form however it is also a main ingredient which is used in number of breakfast and snack delicacies.

Once the rice is pounded into flour, it is used in making bamboo shaped puttu, a steamed vattayappam, kallappam or pancakes and palappam which has lacy edges. There are Kozhikatta and uniapam for the ones who love sweet and then there is idippam which looks like noodles.

If you are in Kerala, you must not forget to relish the chapatti or pathiri which is like bread and a thinner version called vatipathiri. Petthipathiri is form of box type while chattipathiri resembles sweet cake. Pathiris is very often stuffed, steamed with fish filling while is and filled with mutton, chicken, or beef when fried. There is naturally something or the other for every plate in Kerala.

The Brahmins and Manbudiris are two popular Hindu castes which are strict vegetarians while fish and meat are common part of other Hindu sects. They generally keep away from the non vegetarian food on some special festivals however the other communities in Kerala consider this food as an integral part of their festivals. While beef is generally not eaten as a common food item in India, yet it is popular in Kerala. It is said that this is because of influence of the European countries.

Famous Restaurants in Kerala

Leo Restaurant

Visiting Kerala for the first time and have landed up in Trivandrum, then you must check the Leo Restaurant which is near the Light House Beach close to Pappukutty Beach Resort located in Kovalam. For individuals who are seeking a stopover while on the road trip, Leo Restaurant is the best one. Apart from the evening snacks, this restaurant is a perfect place to enjoy and relish the South Indian dishes during dinner. The Veg Briyani and Ginger Chili Chicken are fantastic to try out. The unlikely ingredients which are used in uttapam and dosa are too delicious and certainly deserve a nibble. The price is reasonable, so one need not get panicked while looking at the ambience and interiors. So don’t forget to stop at the lemon ginger soda on one hot afternoon.

Cuisines: Indian
Address: Light House beach, Kovalam 695527, India

Phone: + (91)-9388757000

Harbour Restaurant

Alleppey is an exquisite place where you can spend your long holiday. But can you imagine a holiday where taste of southern delicacies is absent. In fact if you are in Allepey then you would certainly be looking for a food corner. Actually, there are many that you might see, but how many are there which can meet your expectations. Try the Harbor Restaurant and certainly you will love this one and come again for another meal. Apart from the food, you would love the interiors and ethnic sitting of the place along the beach road which is simply perfect for the couples. Of course the word is Romantic. With an impeccable blend of rural and urban décor, this restaurant is not far from being a preferred tourist destination. Mainly known to be a marvelous South Indian Restaurant, one can also try out different sea food platters. To enjoy more, order a beer and simply get lost in your dreams.

Address: Beach Road, Allapuzha, Kerala
Cuisine: Indian
Ambience: Ethnic
Price: Below 10 USD

Indian Coffee House

You must have been very bored after the long drive of steep treks. For many the spicy food must have even become too much. So it’s time to take break and just move towards the coffee shop. For the ones who love coffee and wish having a real taste of coffee then visit to the Indian Coffee House is the best. It is acknowledged as the Hard Rock Café of Trivandrum and is believed to be very trendy. Spicy masala dosa together with a cup of coffee is a perfect joint to sit down, relax while chat. Apart from the southern dishes, toasts and eggs are also famous here. This coffee house is mainly the best place for the individuals to cherish the particular culture of Kerala, hear the local musicians, and look at the other people sitting in groups. These groups mainly haggle over a general topic – a language which is generally not understood by you. Simply light a cigar, sip the coffee, and remove the tiredness in few seconds. It is not just the coffee which one must thank but also the surrounding of the place. So treasure all this in Indian Coffee House.

Indian coffee house Kerala phone number: 0487 2335275

Indian coffee house Kerala fax number: 0487 2330786

Indian coffee house Kerala email: [email protected]

Indian coffee house Kerala

Bolgatty Palace Hotel

If one thinks that Kerala is all about rasam, idli and dosa then you are wrong for those who are still unhappy about the food of Kerala, must remember that there is seafood and other food which are served at some of the places in Kerala. Apart from the sea food, Kerala is a place which has numerous restaurants that offer a perfect environment for a romantic date with your loved one. Bolgatty Palace Hotel is one of the popular hotels in Cochin which is few kilometers far from the main city Ernakulum. Starting from the food to the ethnic décor and window view, this 300 years hotel is built in German architecture which leaves one spell bound. Plan your trip here and taste the fresh sea food which is served in assorted styles.

Bolgatty Palace (KTDC)
Mulavukadu, Kochi - 682504, Kerala, India
Phone: +91-484-2750500, 2750600
Fax: +91-484-2750457
Email: [email protected]

Arca Nova Restaurant

This restaurant is one in which you can hop into all of a sudden whenever you are hungry. A place of this potential needs prior reservation if you wish to reserve your favorite seat. With contemporary amenities, impeccable services and notable interiors done by professional designers, this place is a perfect waterfront hotel located inside the Fort house hotel which lies on the Calvathy road before the Fort Kochi in Cochin. The place is not just about food, however is well known for its interior and cool breeze which flows from the Arabian Sea together with the calm and soft sound of the waves which splash against the pier which further accelerates the entire experience. Certainly this is one of the excellent restaurants if the individual is ready to spend some money. Apart from all this, this hotel is multi cuisine and has everything from American, European to South Indian Veg and non veg dishes. You will feel excellent, relish tempting dinner and experience the most unforgettable – a perfect value for money spent.

Fort House Hotel
2/6A Calvathi Road
Cochin 682 001
Kerala, India
Fort House Hotel, Fort Cochin, Kerala, India
Phone: +91 484 22 17 103, 22 17 173
Mobil: +91 938 74 86150, 996 17 72274
E Mail: [email protected]



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