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In Kerala visitors are attracted towards the mouth-watering cuisine, spice and tea plantation, historic palaces, beautiful beaches, Ayurvedic heritage, winding rivers, and ancient temples for which Kerala is famous for. Kerala is basically known for its highly rich cultural heritage and also known for the medical treatment through Ayurveda for which the tourism is famous for. On the other hand, this city is also very popular for the activities at night time. All other posh cities like Kovalam, Cochin, and Thiruvananthapuram has many options for the tourists to have fun during night as they are considered to be the big cities while the other small towns offered only few options like bar and clubs surrounded by the 5 star hotels.

As compared to the other cities in India, Cochin has slow night life, but due to cultural heritage, visitors usually come here to get the medical treatment and publicize themselves with their culture. There is a venue for the ancient dance of Kerala named Kathakali where visitors experience the rhythm and colors of this dance form. Through this dance form, the artists of the Kerala depicts the Indian epics like Mahabharata and other epics giving their performance wearing costumes, jewellery, huge masks and very heavy makeup and also the performers of Kathakali conveyed their emotions with the rhythm and facial expressions. In Cochin, there are shows of Kathakali held on the daily basis. If the visitors visit in the evening little earlier, then they can experience the rituals of the makeup glimpse just prior to the dance show. Through this makeup, the face of the performer of Kathakali becomes the known icon in the Kerala state.

Another martial art form is also famous in Kerala named Kalaripayattu and performances are held during evening all over the region and seen by various visitors of medical tourism. The cultural events held late night are also very captivating to the tourists especially in Thiruvananthapuram. Theight life is more happening at the beach resort of Kovalam. These resorts have discotheques, bars and beach parties that are very entertaining.

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